Princess Charlene of Monaco, sensation on the Rock, happiness with another man

“A dark cloud of uncertainty has been hanging over the Principality of Monaco for months. Why does Charlene of Monaco keep disappearing? How is she really doing? Can her marriage to Prince Albert still be saved?” asks a German magazine, which claims that she is “happy with another man”.

The magazine Freizeit woche devoted its front page to her, reporting on her happiness with another man.

In reality, it is about her friendship with the Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin, already revealed last year by The Sun, taken up by the magazine Ici Paris.

“This successful businessman, who made his fortune through his real estate company Capital Group, founded in 1991, has been able to expand his portfolio by specializing in luxury goods in Russia, but also in Asia and the United States,” reported the publication. In 2008, this tycoon with the look of a steppe wolf, who has all the makings of a prince, was seen on the arm of model Naomi Campbell. He was invited to the wedding of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Princess Charlene of Monaco is being backed by Naomi Campbell's billionaire  ex Vladimir Doronin - Henry Club


“They are on the same wavelength. He understands her and she understands him,” said a close source. “Vladislav has no interest in living in the spotlight. With such people, Charlene feels safe, because she is not ‘the wife or princess of’, but can simply be herself.”

The billionaire is a close friend of Prince Albert of Monaco, who may have appointed him to support the Monegasque First Lady in her absence.
Vladislav Doronin is also the father of two children (six and three years) with the model, Kristina Romanova, aged 27 years.

Albert’s wife would appreciate a man of Vladimir’s caliber taking care of her: “This saga is very complex and dizzying, but Charlene and Vlad have stayed in touch and spent time together. It seems that he has been a great help to her.”

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