Prince Albert II of Monaco, honorary citizen of Genoa, discovers his mother’s rose at Euroflora in Italy

From April 20 to 23, 2022, Prince Albert II of Monaco was in Italy, continuing his visits to the Grimaldi Historical Sites. During his last stop, in Genoa, the Monegasque sovereign received his distinction of honorary citizen. He also visited the Euroflora horticultural fair where the rose of his mother, Princess Grace, is exhibited.

Prince Albert II of Monaco receives his distinction as honorary citizen of the city of Genoa

From April 20 to 22, Prince Albert II of Monaco was visiting Puglia. The Sovereign Prince visited several cities with a link to the history of the Grimaldis. On April 23, he reached the north of Italy to continue his pilgrimage in the city that is certainly the most symbolic, Genoa.

The descendants of Otto Canella, consul of Genoa in 1133, are known as the Grimaldis. The name of the dynasty comes from Grimaud (Grimaldo, in Italian), one of the sons of Otto Canella. Several Grimaldis ruled Genoa, before moving to the four corners of the Mediterranean, in disagreement with the new rulers of the Genoese republic. One branch of the family took over the fort of Monaco in 1297 and settled there permanently in the early 14th century. Other branches of the family ruled over similar or even larger fiefdoms around the Mediterranean. Today, only the Grimaldi branch of Monaco is still sovereign.

Nel primo giorno di apertura Euroflora accoglie un ospite illustre Sua Altezza Serenissima Principe Alberto di Monaco. In occasione della visita gli sono stati donate una targa in ricordo della visita dei genitori ad Euroflora nell’edizione del 1966 e La Rosa di Grace.


In 2019, “the Council of the Municipality of Genoa, on the proposal of the mayor, Marco Bucci, unanimously approved” the award of honorary citizenship to Prince Albert II of Monaco, wrote the local press. Following his visit to Genoa in 2010, Albert of Monaco had already received the Medal of the City. Although already named honorary citizen in 2019, the prince had not yet moved to receive his distinction.

Prince Albert II of Monaco discovers the rose of Princess Grace

This April 23, Prince Albert was received at the Palazzo Ducale by the Mayor of Genoa, where he received his distinction in front of local authorities, after visiting the Palazzo Pallavicino, invited by the owner, and then he made a private tour of the Villa del Principe. He also unveiled a commemorative plaque recalling the ties between the Grimaldis and the city of Genoa.

Before that, in the morning, Prince Albert started his day with a visit to Euroflora. At Parchi di Nervi, Prince Albert attended the inauguration of this horticultural time, which is open to the public until May 8. In 1966, during the first edition of Euroflora, the guests of honor of the inauguration were Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace. Princess Grace returned alone to Euroflora in 1971.

For her second visit to Euroflora, Princess Grace received a big surprise. A rose was dedicated to her. The “Princess of Monaco” rose is a creamy white rose with pink petal edges. This rose is still cultivated in the rose garden of Parchi di Nervi. Prince Albert II was able to admire this rose during his visit. This year’s fair includes the Exotic Garden of Monaco, an area dedicated to succulents.

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