Princess Charlene of Monaco takes over the Palace

Back on the Rock after months of absence due to illness, Charlene of Monaco would have dismissed Nicole Coste, presented as her rival. The place where she isolates herself is specified.
This one was found in Italy with her son Alexander, from her relationship with Prince Albert. Their escapade was immortalized by “The Mirror”, which reveals photos.

The eldest son of Prince Albert of Monaco, 18, was spotted with his mother, Nicole Coste. The duo dined at Rome’s best restaurant, Dal Bolognese, where he displayed an Olympic form.

A few weeks earlier, the ex-air hostess and stylist had thrown a dig at Charlene of Monaco, after she snubbed Prince Albert of Monaco for his birthday.

“Everything is OK? No. The evil game against Charlene obviously continues,” headlined the German magazine Bild before questioning the content of the message from the mother of Alexandra Coste-Grimaldi.
For the birthday of Prince Albert of Monaco, she wrote: “The world will recognize you as the loyal, the worthy, the king”.

“It is impossible to predict today, the repercussion that Nicole Coste’s words will have on the couple”, it is reported, assuming that the solution lies in the way Prince Albert of Monaco “will manage this situation”, and the way “Charlene of Monaco will face adversity”.

Charlene of Monaco separated but not divorced, a close friend of the king of Sweden

Charlene of Monaco appeared for the first time with Prince Albert of Monaco for months on the occasion of Easter. The atmosphere seemed cold despite the soothing gesture of the Monegasque sovereign. But it would be to keep up appearances. They would be separated!

This is the sad confidence of Vera Dillier, longtime friend of the prince, and a former companion of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden.

She speaks in an interview with the magazine Oggi. If Charlene of Monaco stays in Monaco, it would be for her twins, Gabriella and Jacques, forced to stay on the Rock.

“In these circles, especially if they are heirs to the throne, the children stay with the father. Always. Even in a court battle, the princess could not have them. He knew that from the beginning. That’s why the agreement on Roc Agel was found,” said this close friend.
She also says that Prince Albert and his wife, Charlene of Monaco “live apart but they do not divorce”.

“They have found an agreement. Charlene lives in Roc Agel, in the Grimaldi estate. She is close to the Principality, which allows her to see her children regularly,” she assures.

“At the Palace, it’s no secret for anyone. They have never been in a fusional relationship. It is said that Charlene will appear from time to time at a public event, to prove that everything is fine. In short, we try to keep up appearances,” says this former companion of the king, who has already spent vacations with Prince Albert of Monaco. However, she would not know personally Charlene of Monaco.

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