Prince Albert – The return of Princess Charlene of Monaco is a tough ordealin their couple

Albert of Monaco was looking forward to his wife, Princess Charlene. But her return would have caused additional stress. A new ordeal, believes the magazine Bunte.

More than ever, Prince Albert Monaco was waiting for the return of the mother of his children, Gabriella and Jacques.

“I can not wait for her to be back because she is part of my life, our lives, life in Monaco,” he told People magazine. Especially since, as he had admitted, being a full-time dad is not an easy thing. In addition to the fact that their adorable twins of seven years, demand enormously their mother, the Monegasque monarch is used to work in pairs with his beloved wife.

And her absence of a few months would have weighed on his morale: “I also look forward to her helping me with the children and with things different from what she has done in the past because it is a team effort,” he said.

But according to Bunte magazine, this return last March would be a source of stress for Prince Albert of Monaco.

After a few months in a clinic to treat depression, Charlene of Monaco is back in the Principality. “But, she still avoids the palace”.

“The new family photos of the Grimaldis”, on the occasion of the Easter celebrations, “have one thing in common with the private garden of the palace in which they were taken: they are artistically staged”.

“Charlene is back, but not with her family,” reports the Bunte.
While the first lady is Roc Agel, the Grimaldis’ farming estate, or sometimes in Corsica, her children, Gabriella and Jacques, remain at the Palace.
“They still have to manage without their mother most of the time,” says the publication. And this would cause a stressful situation for Prince Albert, who not only has to deal with the absence of his wife, but also with the rumors of the Palace.

Princess Charlene of Monaco left, the bitter truth, the key role of Princess Caroline, her sister-in-law

If Charlene of Monaco has displayed complicity with Prince Albert, and their twins, Gabriella and Jacques, at the Palace, since then, she would have already left the principality. Caroline of Monaco would be partly to blame.

Does the Monegasque first lady leave the Rock for good”, asks the German version of the magazine In Touch, which continues to fuel marital friction despite the recurrent clarifications of Prince Albert of Monaco.

“Does she live there? After all, she often retires to the estate “Roc Agel”. And then this mysterious trip! Alone, she was found at Nice airport as she was about to board a plane. To Corsica? An island, where Charlene would have his habits lately”, continues the publication.


Charlene of Monaco would have distanced herself because of the place too large occupied by Princess Caroline of Monaco. Her sister-in-law is perceived as the real guardian of the Palace. The eldest Grimaldi would have even taken charge of the education of the twins.

“Her influence on the children makes Charlene nervous,” a source close to the Palace told us, before continuing, “Caroline is determined to shape the twins, especially Jacques, the heir apparent, into her vision of what a little prince should be.”

Charlene of Monaco reportedly feels like she is losing her twins, especially after being away from them for several months due to illness. “It will take time to re-establish a relationship of trust. They felt like they were abandoned,” a source said.


Charlene of Monaco quarrels violently with Albert, malaise with Pierre Casiraghi

Charlene of Monaco would have already put prince Albert of Monaco in the embarrassment, after having snubbed a big family event. A violent argument would have burst consequences still today.

The mother of Jacques and Gabriella would indeed have put in the embarrassment the prince Albert of Monaco by renouncing to go to the marriage of Pierre Casiraghi, the second son of the princess Caroline of Monaco.

“It is whispered on the Rock that the blonde and her husband would have taken the spat the same morning,” reported at the time the magazine “Public”.

This episode is recalled by the magazine Intimacy, which feeds a marital crisis within the Princely Palace. The guerrilla war between the former swimmer and his wife would not date from today. Charlene of Monaco would be used to the blows of brightness.

But the day after the wedding of Pierre Casiraghi, she was displayed with her husband hand in hand for the traditional gala of the Red Cross of the Principality.

“And looked as united as on their own wedding day,” commented the publication. From the movies?

Last year, when she was stuck in South Africa because of an ENT infection, a princess had not failed to recall all the love she has for her prince on their wedding anniversary, which she was absent: “I miss my husband and my children terribly. It was hard for me to take it when my medical team told me I wouldn’t be able to go home for my 10th wedding anniversary. Albert is my rock and my strength. Without his love and support, I could not survive this time.



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