Princess Charlene of Monaco finally reappears? This event she hopes to attend

Charlene of Monaco could soon make an official appearance at an event that is close to her heart, as reported this Friday, April 29, by our sources.

Discreet or simply absent? Back on the Monegasque Rock after a long stay in South Africa and her convalescence in Switzerland, Charlene of Monaco is rare. If she unveiled on her Instagram account an adorable photo with her twins and husband for the Easter weekend, she limits her public appearances. But soon, the former swimmer may come out of her reserve to participate in an event that is particularly close to her heart. According to the site Histoires Royales, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella should attend the 10th edition of the Tournoi Sainte-Dévote.

“This rugby tournament is organized by the Monegasque Rugby Federation with the support of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation,” our confrères report. This event, which introduces the youngest to the oval ball, is all the more important for the companion of Albert II that “one of the three major missions of the Princess Charlene Foundation is the sports education of young people. “On the sidelines of this tournament, several sporting events are organized, such as a meeting for very young children from 3 years old,” reads the website. In this year 2022, Charlene Wittstock could well be a little more present.

Princess Charlene of Monaco trained by Conor McGregor

Still according to our confrères, the South African would also have planned to attend the Riviera Water Bike Challenge to be held on June 5. A sporting competition like no other, whose brother Gareth Wittstock ensures the smooth running: “The water bikes, a kind of aquatic bikes that move on the water, will leave from the Yacht Club of Monaco.

In 2020, the wife of Albert II of Monaco trained extensively during the summer with MMA champion Conor McGregor to “participate in the 180 km charity race during which she had connected Calvi to Monaco”. But this year, Charlene of Monaco may not take part in the competition because of her fragile health, “but the goal would already be to be able to kick off the race itself,” says Histoires Royales, which has this information from the entourage of the princely family.

Photo credits: Olivier Huitel / Pool Monaco / Bestimage



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