Camille Gottlieb: This impressive gift that will please her uncle Prince Albert of Monaco

A few months before her 24th birthday, Camille Gottlieb does not waste time: the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco is already at the head of a foundation working for road safety among young people, a cause that is particularly dear to her heart. Very committed, she does not count her hours and was surprised to receive a beautiful gift from a car brand. Practical, this present should also please her uncle Albert of Monaco…

If there is one thing that all the family of Monaco has in common, it is the commitment in important causes! And after Prince Albert, whose foundation works for the environment around the world, then Princess Stephanie, very involved in the fight against AIDS, it is the new generation that has taken over: Camille Gottlieb, daughter of the latter, follows in the footsteps of her famous mother.

Not even 24 years old, she is already at the head of her own foundation, which fights against drunk driving among young people. A real scourge that she knows well, since one of her friends died of a scooter accident in 2017 on his way home from a party. The young woman had then decided to do everything to prevent this from happening again, raising awareness among teenagers and parents of all the dangers involved.


As a reward for this very important commitment, the little sister of Pauline and Louis Ducruet was given a beautiful electric car, a clean vehicle that will please her uncle Albert a lot: indeed, the latter is very attached to the environment and has his own foundation that works around the world. The prince, moreover, is very attached to his niece and her struggles: last year, he appeared several times with a mask in the colors of the association Camille Gottlieb.

The young girl, who looks more and more like her mother, Stephanie of Monaco, is also close to her older sister, Pauline Ducruet. This one, however, is not really in the humanitarian field, since she has created her own clothing brand and has released its first collection recently. The two sisters, who describe their relationship as “fusional” had met in public last summer for the gala organized by their mother.

Their brother, Louis, is also very close to them and luckily, so is his wife Marie. In a rare interview with Point de Vue magazine, he confided that she got along particularly well with Camille: “Sometimes they both gang up on me, fortunately my sister Pauline [Ducruet] or my brother come to my rescue,” he said, explaining that the siblings met every week for a meal.

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