Princess Charlene of Monaco hyper protected by Prince Albert, her surprising reaction to an indiscreet

Retrenched in Roc Agel, the agricultural domain of the Grimaldi family, Princess Charlene of Monaco would be cut off from the world. Prince Albert of Monaco would have given orders in this direction to protect her.

The health of the mother of Jacques and Gabriella has been carefully managed by the royal family of Monaco, which is usually quite discreet about what touches the private life, said Brittani Barger, editor of Royal Central. This specialist speaks to the British media The Express.

“This is exactly what the royal palace usually does. They’re very vague,” says this savvy expert on European royal families.

“It took them a while for an update on Princess Charlene’s condition when she was in South Africa,” she further said.

The silence is sparking rumors and speculation, including the possibility of a leak or even a divorce.

“So when the speculation and rumors started circulating, it kind of forced their hand to break the silence, and deliver some answers,” Brittani Barger slips. “They’re known for being very, very vague and discreet.

A protective gesture from the Palace was mentioned. He refused to comment on anything that concerns the current situation of Princess Charlene, who would be in a kind of protective bubble, while she recovers.

Princess Charlene of Monaco, “distorted things”, pressure from the Palace, her makeup artist breaks the silence

Princess Charlene of Monaco has the reputation of being cold and distant, but in reality, it would be rather shyness. She would be full of humor, warm, confirmed her former makeup artist, Loni Baur.

The German, one of the most famous makeup artists in her country, let herself go to some confidences during an interview with the German magazine Bunte. She was asked about her meeting and collaboration with Princess Charlene of Monaco.

“I think many things are distorted,” she replied when asked about the personality of the Monegasque first lady, presented as cold, distant, and sad in the press.

Loni Baur had met Charlene of Monaco behind the impressive walls of the Palace of Monaco, and she had insisted that her makeup artist accompany her to the Rose Ball, – an unforgettable experience.
Jacques and Gabriella’s mom didn’t care if her makeup was perfect, her only priority that night was that her makeup artist had fun.

“Princess Charlene’s pragmatism, sense of humor, generosity and ability to deal with public pressure delighted Loni,” reports the German magazine.
She says: “I really don’t like to read negative rumors about her, because it gives a bad image. She is under incredible pressure. Princess Charlene is a very loving mother who has to master many things and does it with humor and charm.

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