The “Palace Papers”: The new book that shakes the Royal family of England

In her latest book, journalist Tina Brown looks back at the most scandalous affairs that have marked the history of the British royal family.

Already known for her incendiary writings on the members of the gotha, the journalist Tina Brown is back with “The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor”. A book of nearly six hundred pages that details how the British monarchy has painfully survived the last few stormy decades.

The illicit love between Camilla and Charles, the origins of the fratricidal war between Princes Harry and William, the supposed whims of Meghan Markle or the eccentricities of Queen Mum: few members of the royal family come out with dignity in Tina Brown’s book. Note that the author – a fine diplomat – is careful not to overburden Queen Elizabeth II, as well as her grandson, Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. There is no question of getting angry with the current monarch, nor with her presumptive successor.

As is often the case in this kind of biography, the author’s sources are rarely cited in order to protect their identity, and while Tina Brown effectively condenses the recent history of the Royal family with a myriad of sometimes very amusing details, she offers no real revelations to her readers. Here are some key points from “The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor”.

Prince Harry’s angeR

Presumably, Tina Brown is not among the Sussex couple’s fans. One of the important themes of the book is Prince Harry‘s troubled adolescence as well as his marriage to Meghan Markle. The journalist paints a portrait of a very angry young man who only dreams of escaping the golden prison in which he was born. Thus, we learn that from an early age, the boy is very disturbed by the war that tears Prince Charles and Lady Diana. “I hate you, I hate you,” cried the little Prince Harry one day, banging his fists against his father’s legs. You make mom cry”. A particularly sad memory reported by a close to the Prince of Wales.


The tormented adolescence of the Duke of Sussex

In adolescence, the little boy turns into an angry young man that only the British army manages to channel. The author tells us about the many fights Prince Harry provoked during his drunken evenings in London and elsewhere. According to Tina Brown, his ex-girlfriend, the actress Cressida Bonas would have encouraged him to see a therapist, in order to better manage his anger, but overwhelmed by the volcanic character of the young man, she preferred to end the relationship. During all this difficult period, we learn that Prince Harry and his father already communicated mainly through their secretaries. Proof that the tensions within the Windsor family existed long before he met Meghan Markle.

The wedding of the century

The British press had initially welcomed Meghan Markle with benevolence and enthusiasm, but the tone suddenly changes during her marriage to Prince Harry in May 2018. While the American actress is busy organizing, her father, Thomas Markle is busy on his side trying to destroy his daughter’s reputation as effectively as possible. Despite his lack of credibility and his obvious thirst for notoriety, the tabloids are quick to offer him a platform to spit his venom… Despite this, Tina Brown still accuses Prince Harry of having “castrated” his future father-in-law by asking him to hold his tongue for the sake of Meghan.

Getty Images Queen mum and Queen Elizabeth II.


The curious eccentricities of Queen Mum

Twenty years after the death of the Queen Mother, known for having a strong character, the author “The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor” reveals some of her little eccentricities. According to Tina Brown, at Clarence House, two statues of cherubs sat on the four-poster bed of Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon during her lifetime. Dressed in small white dresses, Queen Mum requires that the outfits of the angels are washed and ironed by the household staff at least once a month … A request to say the least surprising.

News 12/01/2022 (U.S. Justice gives green light to Prince Andrew trial) – News – Under fire for ties to J. Epstein, Prince Andrew ‘ends public engagements’ – Prince Andrew, Duke of York – Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, speaks at the malaria summit on the sidelines of the summit of the leaders of the 53 member countries of the Commonwealth in London April 18, 2018.


Prince Andrew, “Duke of Chance

Portrayed as a sadist with an I.Q. far below the norm, after Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke of York is the second favorite target of Tina Brown. An American businessman reports that during a lunch with Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew interrupts them to ask “what is he doing with that fat cow?”, referring to his ex-wife. The author also dwells at length on the most famous scandals of the prince, insisting on his lecherous character … In short, nothing new under the sun.

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