“Thoughtful”, “isolated”: Princess Charlene of Monaco’s latest appearance does not ease concerns

Saturday, April 30, 2022, Princess Charlene of Monaco made a public appearance after several months of absence in Monaco. She seemed particularly isolated and pensive alongside her loved ones.

After long months of absence due to health problems, Charlene of Monaco made a first public appearance. A few days after the release of photos with her husband, Prince Albert II of Monaco, and her children Jacques and Gabriella for the Easter holidays, she appeared this time in public. Indeed, she moved to the award ceremony of the “Monaco ePrix” championship on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

An event that should have reassured her fans, but which finally questioned them a lot. Indeed, the former South African swimmer, who was until recently in Switzerland for treatment, seemed particularly distant. Real concerns, according to a behaviorist who spoke in the Daily Mail on Sunday, May 1, to make revelations about his attitude.
Charlene of Monaco sad and isolated during her appearance

According to the behaviorist, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella was very distant during the awards ceremony. “Charlene looks emotionally isolated here, with a very sad expression and a pensive look” he analyzed. Worse, the 44-year-old reportedly made no connection with Prince Albert or the Monegasques during the event. The behaviorist explained, “Her only verbal and non-verbal communication in her poses seems to be only with her daughter. She made no eye contact with her husband or the public.

For all that, Charlene of Monaco would have tried to hide the situation by putting several elements in evidence such as her wedding ring or her closeness to her daughter, wrapping her arms around her. “It’s as if she wanted to protect and reassure Gabriella, while emphasizing her role as a loving wife with her wedding ring” he explained. The mother of the family does not seem to go for the best and risks to continue to cause concern.

Albert of Monaco, clumsy gesture with Charlene at the Monaco E-Prix, his little blunder makes people talk

Albert of Monaco seemed uncomfortable in front of Princess Charlene of Monaco whose hand he did not dare to take. He touched her without going further. His dear and tender seems to resent him.

The sovereign prince of the Rock and his family made a remarkable appearance at the Monaco E-Prix car race.

This family outing was immortalized by the Prince’s Palace. Superb photos were published, one of which shows Prince Albert of Monaco getting closer to his beloved in full discussion with Gabriella, their daughter.

One moment, he seemed to want to take the hand in his, but without going further in his approach. No affectionate gesture was exchanged.

On social networks, this coldness within the princely couple has not been emphasized. Fans are especially pleased to find the former swimmer in relatively good shape. In any case, she was sublime.

“Little Gabrielle does not leave her mom, it’s very moving … It’s nice to see the family finally reunited,” he commented, “Nice photo of a touching mom with Gabriella.”

“It is always very comforting to see the affection between mother and children. Wishes that the Wonderful Princess Charlene recovers even more from her health condition and can organize a happy life with her loved ones”.

Last year, just before her flight to South Africa, where she had finally stayed for a few months, Charlene of Monaco was unflinching about her husband, who has found a new balance between his responsibilities and his family life.

“It is now important for him to see his children grow up, to fully enjoy this happiness. He loves every moment spent with them, he loves to talk to them, take pictures of them, they are the great love of his life, “she told Point de Vue. A love which does not know of equivalent and that he has the chance to have in double! Jacques and Gabriella are also very lucky to have him for a father. Albert is full of humor, the children have a lot of fun with him. He is also quite strict on discipline, which I am a little less. Everything that concerns them, everything that comes from them touches him deeply.

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