Prince Albert of Monaco relaxed in front of a famous YouTubeur: “He’s laughing, he’s checking you out”

On Wednesday, May 4, 2022, Albert of Monaco received a car Youtubeur in his palace. A meeting, reported by our colleagues of Monaco Matin, during which the sovereign prince was very relaxed.

Here is a meeting for the least surprising. Wednesday, May 4, 2022, Prince Albert of Monaco was able to meet the Youtubeur GMK, (his real name, Georges Maroun Kikano) on the square of the Monegasque Palace. During this interview, the husband of Charlene of Monaco was very interested in the speech and the car of the famous automotive influencer …

Indeed, in front of the photographers present as well as his guest, Albert of Monaco showed himself in his element. During this appointment GMK was able to discuss with the prince on his passion for the car. A subject that greatly interested the father of twins Jacques and Gabriella. In Monaco Matin and still hot, the influencer poured out on this unexpected meeting. “I found the Prince very perfectionist in his answers, answering every angle of the questions,” he first estimated.

Fortunately, this perfectionism quickly dissipated because as reported by our confreres, GMK was quickly put at ease by the sovereign prince. “He laughs, he chews you out, he is hypermodern and very modest. I felt like I was talking to a normal person. He is very open about electrics in relation to his environmental commitment but he also remains open to the passion of the car,” he then assured, before adding, “He knows how to hear people who like big engines.”


GMK: very moved by his meeting with Prince Albert of Monaco

Following his meeting with Albert of Monaco, GMK was quick to share the news on his Instagram account (which has nearly 2.6 million followers). “I had the honor of being able to meet Prince Albert II of Monaco, and shoot a video with him,” he began, before going on to share how he felt, “This is the ultimate accolade in my eyes, and really the ultimate goal I had set for myself. To have the honor of making a video with the Prince is something. And it’s thanks to YOU too.”

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Bestimage



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