“Poor you”: That day when Margaret realized Elizabeth II’s Royal destiny

Always together as children, Margaret and Elizabeth II saw their lives take a turn, when the latter was announced as the future queen of England. A destiny decidedly tragic, according to her little sister.

“I would like to be king already”! Not sure that all sing the same song in 1936, in England. For Princess Margaret, the royal destiny looked more like a burden than a blessing. In the book Elizabeth et Margaret, dans l’intimité des sœurs Windsor, published on April 28 by L’Archipel, we learn more about the day when the daughter of George VI learned that her sister Elizabeth could take the throne. She would have instinctively asked her: “Does this mean that you will have to be the next queen? “Yes, one day,” her older sister Elizabeth, 10, solemnly replied. “Poor you,” Margaret would have told her.

Andrew Norton’s book tells us that when their uncle, King Edward VIII, told them that Elizabeth II would be second in line to the throne, the young girl began to “pray every night that a brother would be born to take her place. Like her little sister, the daughter of George VI was not in the mood to rule an entire kingdom.

Agency / BestimageThe Queen Mother Elizabeth and her two daughters, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, in May 1935.


The press was happy for the coronation of “Lilibeth”.

The future queen understood that her fate was sealed, but wanted, while there was still time, to take it in hand. That day, the historical book indicates that she did not write the date of December 10, 1936 at the top of her diary as usual, but “Day of abdication”. In any case, the “popular balance”, i.e. the press, soon tipped in favor of the “tall, slender, very beautiful girl”, as described by a guest of the family. At that time, newspapers already began to declare the news, accompanying it with portraits announcing “our Princess Elizabeth”.

On February 9, 2002, Princess Margaret died at the age of 71. If they were always together as children, the two daughters of Queen Mother Elizabeth and George VI had a rivalry from their youth until the death of “Margot”. Margot was described as her father’s “happiness”, while Lilibeth was his “pride”. Margaret was “a doll-like love with a round little face,” as one family guest described her. Although “Margot” was always more spoiled than her older sister, it was the latter who would inherit the onerous task of ruling.

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