Princess Charlene of Monaco: Her children Jacques and Gabriella deprived of their mother for an unforgettable day

These last days, Prince Albert of Monaco and his twins, Jacques and Gabriella, made a stopover in Paris for a very specific activity and dear to the eyes of children. Unfortunately for them, Charlene was not part of the party.

The little ones often have the same dream in common: to meet the very famous mice Mickey and Minnie in person. A real father hen, Albert of Monaco wanted to realize the dearest wish of his twins, Jacques and Gabriella.

The Prince of Monaco left for a few days with his children far from their Rock, in the direction of the Disneyland Paris theme park. Only shadow in the picture: Charlene was unfortunately not present to share the magic of Disney with her children and her husband.
Charlene of Monaco, still a little fragile, did not go to Paris with her family

An Instagram fan account of the princely family shared some photos of Prince Albert and his children, in front of the very famous castle of Sleeping Beauty. All three were also in very charming company as they stood next to Mickey and Minnie.


A real moment of joy and sharing that Charlene missed. Despite her return to Monaco and her few public appearances made with her family, the princess remains a little fragile in terms of her health and does not want to do too much. She has therefore preferred to stay safe and secure on her precious Rock while her husband and children have a good time in the paradise of children and adults.

When the four of them will be together again in Monaco, the princely parents and the twins will be able to enjoy together and make up for the time lost when Charlene was convalescing away from them.

Photos credits: Bestimage



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