Princess Charlene of Monaco, misbehavior of Prince Albert that she does not forgive, the origin of the conflict

During the health crisis, shortly before her flight to South Africa, where she stayed eight months because of an ENT infection, Princess Charlene of Monaco would have been annoyed by the irresponsible behavior of her husband, Prince Albert of Monaco.

He would have taken too many risks and put perhaps their twins, Gabriella and Jacques, in danger

The first lady of the Rock would have resented him for a few months.
It is this video released by the magazine Hello Monaco, where his subjects and the world discovered him having fun in the evening while the Covid was raging.

“Paris Confidences”, and well before France Sunday reported the anger of Princess Charlene of Monaco, irritated to see the man of her life “unmasked, shirt collar open” singing “at the top of his voice in a crowded room”.
It was only a few hours after his minister had announced respective measures of freedom because of the health crisis.

His attitude had caused an avalanche of reactions on social networks
“Corona party!”, mocks one of them. “Bravo, it is the example to give,” was indignant another.

According to France Dimanche, taken up by Paris Confidences, Charlene of Monaco would not have forgiven “this misbehavior”, which was “likely to put her life and that of their twins in danger”.

“But it will probably take time for Princess Charlene to trust her husband again.
It would be an accumulation of small elements that would have determined Charlene of Monaco to distance herself from the man of her life.

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