Princess Charlene of Monaco suffers an epileptic seizure: New revelations about her fragile health

Afflicted by an ENT infection, Princess Charlene of Monaco stayed away from the media for more than a year, interned in South African and Swiss hospitals. According to the media You, the princess had an epileptic seizure last summer between two sinus operations.

Princess Charlene of Monaco’s life was turned upside down a year ago while on a 10-day trip to South Africa. The princess had indeed contracted health problems in the ENT sphere, forcing her to stay away from the rock of Monaco for seven months. The former gold medalist in swimming was admitted to hospital in South Africa, then she entered a treatment center in Switzerland, before reappearing in front of the press on April 30. According to the revelations of the South African magazine You, published on May 12, Prince Albert’s wife suffered an epileptic seizure after having undergone sinus surgery and a bone graft.

Her seizure occurred a few weeks after Charlene underwent surgery, in late summer 2021, just before she was rushed to the hospital in Durban, having fainted. According to a source of the magazine, “the operation was particularly stressful” for her and she did not know how to take it easy and rest as it should have been, which caused the crisis. The source said that seizures are common in cases of severe infections and high fevers.

The magazine went on to say that Charlene of Monaco was under “a lot of pressure” and that there were “a lot of emotional things” working on her. During her seven months away from her husband and their twins Jacques and Gabriella, the princess was also aware that “the eyes of the world were constantly on her,” which only increased her stress and delayed her recovery.

Princess Charlene “pensive” and “isolated” from her family during her first official appearance

When Charlene made her official return on April 30 at the Monaco E-Prix, accompanied by her family, her attitude did not reassure the media. Expert Judi James had deciphered the 44-year-old mother’s body language for our Dailymail colleagues, noting that she kept a distance from her husband and that the “pensive” expression she wore made her look “isolated” from the rest of her family, playful about the event. “Her only verbal and non-verbal communication in her poses seemed to be only with her daughter. She made no eye contact with her husband or the audience,” the expert had analyzed.

In addition to her posture, the smile that the princess displayed had nothing joyful about it either. “You can’t call it a smile, it doesn’t reach her eyes, whereas a genuine smile begins in the expression of the eyes,” the expert noted, adding that “the movement of her mouth suggests that she is in internal conflict, trying to smile or thinking that she should appear smiling, but failing at the task. Charlene’s pensive look was in stark contrast to her husband’s demeanor: “Albert looks optimistic. He greets the crowd and displays a de rigueur smile. But Charlene did not imitate his hand signals, nor his smile” concluded Judi James.

Photo credits: Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage



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