Queen Elizabeth II moved and excited at her first big Platinum Jubilee party with her granddaughter as surprise guest

It was at 8 pm that Queen Elizabeth II made her appearance, to the sound of the national anthem, and to the applause of the 4000 spectators. This Sunday evening, Queen Elizabeth II attended a performance of the equestrian show A Gallop Through History, staged as part of the Royal Windsor Horse Show in the context of the Platinum Jubilee. The emotional evening had many surprises in store for the Queen and other members of the Royal Family in attendance.

A horse show in honor of Elizabeth II’s 70th year on the throne
Queen Elizabeth II, 96, had not confirmed her presence at the event, but everyone hoped that she would be present at the closing performance of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. This equestrian event, which combines demonstrations and competitions, takes place every year in the grounds of Windsor Castle. This year’s edition is special because it is part of the festivities of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

A few days ago, Princess Beatrice and her husband attended the preview performance of A Gallop Through History, an exceptional evening featuring horses from around the world. Several other European monarchs sent members of their royal guard to parade in this gala show.

Queen Elizabeth II attends the horse show next to Prince Hassan of Jordan (Photo: YouTube/ITV video screen capture)


Elizabeth II attends the Royal Windsor Horse Show’s A Gallop Through History special for her Platinum Jubilee
In recent days, several members of the Royal Family have attended Royal Windsor Horse Show events, and some have even actively participated in the show. This is the case of Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, 18, the daughter of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, who competes in the driving discipline, a passion passed down from her late grandfather, Prince Philip.

Elizabeth II arrived to a standing ovation from the public on Sunday 15 May, to the sound of the national anthem. She wore a blue dress and a shawl of the same color on her shoulders. During the evening, Her Majesty seemed moved several times, especially when a tribute was paid to the late Duke of Edinburgh. It was then that Lady Louise arrived on board a carriage that belonged to her grandfather. Earlier in the day, she had participated in the Laurent-Perrier Champagne competition of the British Driving Society, under the watchful eye of her mother, the Countess of Wessex.

Towards the end of the show, the audience warmly applauded the memory of Prince Philip, which particularly moved the Queen. Finally, the presenter of the evening also dared to make a little humor by pointing out that Queen Elizabeth II missed this year’s opening of Parliament but that she still honored the public with her presence during this equestrian evening. In good spirit, as usual, the Queen raised her hand and waved to the audience to approve this touch of humor.

Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor paid tribute to her grandfather, Prince Philip, by riding in a carriage that belonged to him (Photo: PA Photos/Abacapress)


This equestrian show has been performed for the last four days but this Sunday’s performance was a gala evening, with additional surprises, and was broadcast live on television. Several guest stars were on the program, such as Dame Helen Mirren who interpreted the role of Elizabeth I on horseback or the actor Tom Cruise who gave a speech. More than 500 horses paraded in the arena and 1000 actors, soldiers or acrobats provided the show. The singer Katherine Jenkins also sang during the evening, which was attended by members of the royal family like Princess Anne, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie.

Photos credits: PA Photos/Abacapress



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