Princess Charlene of Monaco: This detail that did not go unnoticed during her last appearance

On May 2, 2022, Princess Charlene of Monaco made a high-profile appearance at the St. Devote rugby tournament, organized by her foundation. That day, the wife of Prince Albert II wore a jewel that could say a lot about her couple.

After a long period spent in South Africa and a convalescence in Switzerland, Charlene of Monaco returned to the Monegasque principality in March 2022. However, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella is discreet and limits her public appearances. So when she participates in the Monaco E-Prix on April 30 and in the rugby tournament of Sainte Devote, organized by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, on May 2, the slightest of her actions are analyzed. From her haircut to her outfit and her gestures. The princess is observed until the choice of her jewels and in particular her engagement ring. A 3-carat pear-shaped diamond, which she wore during her last official appearances. According to the Daily Mail, the ring would say a lot about her relationship with Prince Albert II.

Designed by Parisian jeweler Repossi, the former champion swimmer had only worn her ring a little since 2017, our confreres report. “But since this month, it seems that she is back,” we read. Is this a way to silence the rumors about a possible separation with the father of her children? “After being away for so long during her illness, Charlene is so happy to be back with Albert and the kids. They spend every weekend in their country house. Albert fully supports Charlene and also helps her with her charity work,” a source close to the royal couple told Page Six.

Prince Albert II responds to rumors about his relationship with Prince Charlene of Monaco

This is not the first time that Charlene Wittstock’s hands are scrutinized. For her reunion with Prince Albert and his children on November 8, 2021, Internet users noticed that she was not wearing her engagement ring or even her wedding ring. “He wears his ring, she does not”, “She forgot her wedding ring in South Africa?”, “The children are happy that’s the main thing, on the other hand the prince does not seem comfortable … a certain stiffness is felt in his posture,” could be read on Twitter in commenting on a photo posted by Nice Matin. To which, an Internet user replied: “It’s normal to remove his ring. If you have lost a lot of weight, you risk losing it.

Tired by the many rumors about his couple, the brother of Caroline and Stephanie deplored in the magazine Point de vue in October 2021: “How could I claim that these articles have not affected me? Of course, these publications that appeared in various places were extremely disturbing and hurtful. For my wife, for me and for Monaco”.

Photo credits: Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage



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