Princess Charlene of Monaco, rare confidences on her daughter Gabriella: “She likes to try my lipsticks

On the occasion of his appearance noticed at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week, Tuesday, May 24, Charlene of Monaco granted an interview to Nice-Matin. She spoke about her daughter, Princess Gabriella, who was present at her side at the event, and talked about their tender complicity.

It was a return more than expected. After long months away from the Rock, between her prolonged stay in South Africa due to an ENT infection, her convalescence in a Swiss care center and her last moment of calm in Roc Angel, Princess Charlene finally reappeared in public, on April 30th, alongside her husband, Prince Albert. This Tuesday, May 24, she was present at the 10th edition of the Monte Carlo Fashion Week. A great event of the fashion world, organized in Monaco, which the former swimmer attended with her daughter, Gabriella, 7 years.

On this occasion, Princess Charlene, now proud of her white hair, gave an interview to our colleagues of the newspaper Nice-Matin. After being reassuring about her health, she made some rare confidences about her daughter. “Gabriella, like all little girls of her age likes princess dresses, hair, and even try my lipsticks,” said the mother of two twins. “Gabriella has a style all her own and I like to encourage that individuality,” she added. One thing is for sure, in terms of fashion and style, the succession is assured at the Grimaldis!


Gabriella “not at all nervous” and “rather amused” during her first outing with Charlene

The wife of Prince Albert also returned on this escapade in duet with Gabriella. “This mother-daughter fashion outing for the Monte-Carlo Fashion Awards delighted me and for the first time we went on stage together,” she said, visibly happy with this lovely moment of complicity. “She was not at all nervous, rather amused and she could even have done the show on stage!” she said about the one who already seems to have a strong character. On her Instagram account, Princess Charlene wanted to immortalize this mother-daughter moment by posting a touching photo of her and young Gabriella, both dressed in matching dresses signed Terrence Bray. “I loved every moment as I prepared my princess for her first official event. Looking forward to a great night at the Fashion Awards,” she wrote in the caption of the snapshot.

Photo credits: Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage



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