Gabriella wears her very first princess dress for the greatest pride of Princess Charlene of Monaco

She is only 7 years old and she makes her entrance in the world of strass and glitter. The young girl should get used to it, because the social appearances are as frequent during the day as at night for the princesses of Monaco. Princess Gabriella made her first engagement in an evening dress, without her twin brother, alone with her mother, at the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week Awards.


Princess Gabriella wears an evening dress for the first time

Since the end of her convalescence, each appearance of Princess Charlene is widely commented in the media. However, this Tuesday, May 24, her daughter stole the show, that is to say how much the young princess Gabriella made strong impression. It is Princess Charlene herself who stole the scoop by revealing a photo of her daughter at the beginning of the evening, while they were finishing getting ready.

“I loved every moment, when I prepared my princess for her first official event,” said Princess Charlene, 44, sharing a photo taken in her dressing room, holding her daughter tightly in her arms. “We are looking forward to a great night at the Fashion Awards.

In addition to wearing an evening gown for the first time, Princess Gabriella was also called upon to provide an award presentation during the evening. This May 24 took place the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week Awards, the awards ceremony of the Monaco Fashion Week, organized by the Monegasque Fashion Chamber (CMM). The 10th edition of Monaco Fashion Week takes place from May 23 to 27, 2022. This anniversary edition is “a very important step. It takes the step into this new decade by strengthening its commitment to sustainable fashion,” explains the CMM.


Charlene and Gabriella of Monaco present an award at the Fashion Week gala

The awards evening took place in the Salle Garnier of the Monaco Opera House. The highlight of the show was the arrival on stage of Princess Charlene, in a beautiful asymmetrical champagne dress made of fluid and semi-transparent veils. It would be a custom creation of the designer Terrence Bray. Above all, she held by the hand her daughter, Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès, who seemed very impressed by the public and the applause.

Princess Gabriella wore a dress with moiré floral patterns with metallic effects, also asymmetrical. Mother and daughter were called on stage to present an award. Princess Charlene gives her high patronage to Fashion Week and she wanted to make the evening memorable by having her daughter assist her. So Princess Charlene and Princess Gabriella together presented an award to Abdul Al-Romaizan (Ramz), designer and creative director of the Saudi fashion house Ramzen.

Photos credits: Bestimage



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