Princess Stephanie presents the insignia to the 10 new Carabinieri who join the Princely Guard

Princess Stephanie of Monaco, godmother of the Prince’s Carabinieri corps, presented badges to the new recruits. Ten young soldiers are joining the ranks of the Princely Guard. Recruitment will continue in the coming months.

Princess Stephanie welcomes the new recruits of the Carabinieri

“They are attentive to everything. Proud. Dignified. And dedicated. The Prince’s Carabinieri are ready to sacrifice their lives for those of the members of the sovereign family. This is how the local newspaper Monaco Matin describes the Prince’s Carabinieri. The young people who are joining the military corps received their insignia last week from their godmother, Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

(Photo: Stéphane Danna / Frédéric Nebinger – Government Communications Department / Palais Princier)


Princess Stephanie, accompanied by her son Louis Ducruet, presented the Carabinieri badges to the new recruits of the Félicien Jaumaury class. The ceremony took place on May 19, at the Moneghetti barracks. There were 10 Carabinieri students in this class. The students had been chosen by Prince Albert II and had been sworn in before the sovereign last January.

(Photo: Stéphane Danna / Frédéric Nebinger – Government Communications Department / Palais Princier)


At the end of their training, the young men became the Prince’s carabinieri, when they received their insignia from Princess Stephanie. The younger sister of the Monegasque head of state reviewed the troops during a ceremony attended by the senior commander of the Public Force and the chief of the Monaco Fire Brigade. Father Christian Venard, chaplain of the Police Force, blessed the badges before the princess presented them to the recruits.

The national anthem was sung by the Prince’s Carabinieri band, under the command of Major Olivier Dean. A few days earlier, the riflemen had a change of uniform at the changing of the guard. The riflemen have several outfits depending on the season. The white uniform, lighter, is better adapted to the summer season.

The Prince’s Carabinieri Corps was created in December 1817, during the reign of Honoré IV, by his son, the hereditary Prince Honoré, who was already acting as administrator of the Principality at that time. He reigned as Honoré V from 1819. The carabinieri, the military of the Principality, gradually found the honors of the sovereign. Previously, it was the guard of honor of the Papalins who were in charge of the security of the prince. After the creation of a civil police service in 1902, the carabinieri replaced the Papalins as the princely guards in 1904.

(Photo: Stéphane Danna / Frédéric Nebinger – Government Communications Department / Palais Princier)


Today, the corps comprises 124 carabinieri whose mission is to guard the Princely Palace, to ensure the safety of the sovereign and his family, to guard the integrity of his residences and their immediate surroundings, to provide the services of honor to the sovereign prince, to ensure the execution of laws and to participate in the maintenance of public order.

The Carabinieri recruit regularly. A new recruitment phase has just been launched. By September, six candidates will be selected. You must be a French or Monegasque citizen, between 19 and 27 years old and at least 1m80 tall. You must be single at the time of recruitment and, of course, important sporting skills are required, especially in swimming. Another detail, it is forbidden to have an apparent tattoo. The Sovereign Prince himself validates the final applications.

Photo: Stéphane Danna / Frédéric Nebinger – Government Communications Department / Palais Princier)



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