Princess Charlene of Monaco: The day she totally let loose in front of the Monegasques

Will Charlene of Monaco grace the Monaco Grand Prix, which takes place from May 27 to 29 in the Principality? Some may have forgotten, but at the 2018 edition, Prince Albert’s wife made a notable appearance at the annual event. Usually cold and reserved, the former sportswoman totally let loose.

Forget the sound of the waves and the singing of the birds. For a weekend, the Rock will live to the rhythm of the roar of engines. Charlene of Monaco, who made a remarkable appearance next to her daughter, during a fashion event, this Tuesday, May 24, has not confirmed her presence at the Monaco Grand Prix, which began this Friday, May 27 and will end this Sunday, May 29. Seen at the side of Charles Leclerc in 2019, it is especially his arrival a year earlier that has marked the spirits. During the 2018 edition, the wife of Prince Albert revealed a rather unknown facet of her personality. Once is not customary, the princess has dropped the barriers and sent waltz the conveniences.

© Claudia Albuquerque / BestimagePrincess Charlene of Monaco, Daniel Ricciardo, Prince Albert II of Monaco and Pierre Casiraghi, during the award ceremony of the 76th Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix on May 27, 2018.


After winning the race against Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, Australian Daniel Ricciardo took the top step of the podium to receive the coveted prize, as tradition demands. If the trophy of the 76th edition of the Monaco Grand Prix was given to him by Prince Albert in person, the Australian champion also had the honor to exchange a kiss with Princess Charlene, radiant in a colorful long dress signed Akris, who appeared casual and all smiles for the occasion.

A princess as we have rarely seen her

To celebrate his victory as it should be, Daniel Ricciardo then joined Prince Albert, his wife Charlene, as well as Pierre and Andrea Casiraghi, the sons of Caroline of Monaco, gathered for the occasion. Despite the presence of several members of the gotha behind him, the F1 champion let his joy explode. And Charlene too. In the euphoria of the moment, the Australian racing driver turned to the former professional swimmer to offer her to drink from the bottle of Magnum made available for the winner and already opened. However, used to remain discreet and in the background during official events, Charlene of Monaco gladly accepted the proposal of the sportsman.

© Claudia Albuquerque / BestimageAndrea Casiraghi, Princess Charlene of Monaco, Prince Albert II of Monaco and Pierre Casiraghi, during the 76th Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix on May 27, 2018.


That day, Priness Charlene of Monaco broke the codes

Suddenly breaking the conventions, Princess Charlene lent herself to the game without batting an eyelid, under the amused look of her husband and her nephews, present at her side on the podium. In full view of everyone, she took the bottle of champagne – which seemed heavy for her size – took a sip, before handing it to its owner. Between bursts of spontaneous laughter and childish grimaces, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella appeared very comfortable during this sporting appointment, celebrated every year on the Rock.

A way for her to silence the bad tongues, which say she is cold and distant, and to show that a princess could also have fun. So was it the heat of May that made her so cheerful that day? Or maybe the champagne bubbles? One thing is sure, it’s been a long time since Charlene, who has been through a lot of personal trials in the last few months, has been so jovial and carefree…

Photo credits: Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage



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