Queen Elizabeth II told by a close friend: “She loves to laugh and smile”

During an interview with CNN, the royal photographer, Tim Rooke, made some confidences about the behavior of Queen Elizabeth II, which he could discover through the lens of a camera.

A few days before the Queen’s Jubilee, which will be celebrated from June 2 to 5, Elizabeth II is on everyone’s mind. If she is one of the most famous and appreciated personalities in the world, the Sovereign remains, nevertheless, a woman like any other. On the occasion of this great event, which will mark 70 years of reign of the monarch, CNN wanted to highlight a royal photographer from the Shutterstock agency, Tim Rooke, who had a unique chance to follow the Windsor clan around the world. He explained what he learned about the Queen behind the lens of a camera. And one thing is for sure, Elizabeth II “loves to laugh and smile”.

By following the royal family on their travels, Tim Rooke knows a few little secrets about the Queen, which he agreed to reveal. “She loves to smile and laugh, and she has an intense passion for horses,” he said. “People are often nervous when they meet the Queen because of her status and how they think they should behave. However, it is special to see how she engages with the public at engagements – she always spends time talking to crowds and can make the person she is talking to feel like they are the only one in the room.” In closing, the royal photographer stated, “She is a pro and is incredibly respected by everyone she works with.”

A well-deserved rest

In order to be as prepared as possible for the upcoming festivities dedicated to her, Charles’ mother reportedly took a few days of rest at Balmoral Castle. British journalist Omid Scobie reported on Twitter this Thursday, May 26: “A royal source confirms that the Queen went to Balmoral yesterday for a short break. This is a trip HMTQ (Her Majesty The Queen Editor’s note) often makes at this time of year (usually for about a week).” He also added, “Think of it as a little break before the excitement of the Jubilee.” The Queen’s Jubilee is highly anticipated by the British public, but also by followers of the royal family.

Photo credits: Julien Burton / Bestimage



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