Princess Alexandra of Hanover reappears with her boyfriend, Andrea and Sacha Casiraghi at the Monaco Grand Prix

The princely family is in the starting blocks. The engines are roaring again in the Principality, as the Monaco Grand Prix approaches this Sunday. Andrea Casiraghi and his son Sacha attended the qualifying day on Saturday with Princess Alexandra of Hanover and her boyfriend, Ben-Sylvester Strautmann.

Andrea and Sacha Casiraghi accompany Alexandra of Hanover and Ben-Sylvester Strautman in the backstage of the Grand Prix

This Sunday, the Monegasque Charles Leclerc is announced as the favorite for this year’s Monaco Grand Prix. For the past two days, the drivers have been taking to the track for qualifying. Prince Albert and Princess Charlene even visited the pits of several teams and met the drivers this Saturday.

The children of Princess Caroline were also present behind the scenes of the race this May 28. Andrea Casiraghi, who turns 38 next week, and his sister, Princess Alexandra, 22, were seen in the pits. Andrea had taken his son Sacha, 9, with him. Princess Alexandra has been rather discreet lately.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover reappears with her boyfriend. They had not been seen together for a long time (Photo: Marco Piovanotto/ABACAPRESS.COM)


Princess Alexandra, who has taken the habit of making appearances at the fashion shows of Paris Fashion Week, appears little on the Rock. Public outings with her boyfriend, the basketball player Ben-Sylvester Strautmann, are even rarer.

Sacha Casiraghi wore a cap signed Pacha III, the yacht of Princess Caroline. Sacha’s grandparents bought this boat, refurbished by the Italian shipyard Valdettaro, at the request of Princess Caroline, after the death of Stefano Casiraghi. Launched in 1936 under the name of Arlette II, the yacht was renamed Pacha by the princely family, in reference to the first names of Princess Caroline’s first three children: Pierre, Andrea and Charlotte.

Andrea is the first son of Princess Caroline. Princess Alexandra is the last child of Caroline. Andrea is 4th in the order of succession to the Monegasque throne. Her son Alexandra, known as Sacha, is 5th in the order of succession. Princess Alexandra of Hanover is 13th.

Photos credits: Marco Piovanotto/ABACAPRESS.COM



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