Nicole Coste, ex of Albert of Monaco: surprise appearance with her three children at the Monaco Grand Prix

The celebrities passed the word for the Monaco Grand Prix on the weekend of May 28 and 29. If Prince Albert made a sensation with his wife, the ex of the latter, Nicole Coste, was also part of the party.

There was a lot of people on the Rock this weekend of May 28 and 29. Celebrities and members of the Monegasque royal family flocked to the Monaco Grand Prix to cheer on the ace drivers. If Albert II and Charlene of Monaco were seen in the Mercedes, Red Bull and Aston Martin pits, the prince’s ex-girlfriend, Nicole Coste, made a surprise appearance in the Ferrari stables. The former air hostess resurfaced in the principality to please her children on a special day: “Mother’s Day. My three boys, my happiness,” she wrote on her private Instagram account describing a snapshot with her sons.

At the dawn of 2022, Nicole Coste had already made news at a special event. While Charlene of Monaco had gone to Switzerland to recover from her heavy ENT infection, the former companion of Prince Albert and mother of his eldest son, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, had attended the mass given during the celebrations of St. Devote, as reported at the time our confreres of Royal Stories. A presence that had caused much ink to flow since the woman, originally from Togo, had never participated in the event before.

“I don’t like to be compared”.

Charlene of Monaco and Nicole Coste are not great friends. “She has, for example, changed my son’s room, taking advantage of his father’s absence to install him in the staff wing. As a mother, I can not find words to describe these actions,” the former sister-in-law of Monaco had said in a long interview with Paris Match in September 2012. Despite the differences, she assured that she was not enemies with the former Olympic swimmer: “It is a subject I can not avoid, because we are often put in parallel. I do not like to be compared. I’ve never posted as an enemy.”

Photo credits: BALDINI / BESTIMAGE



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