Elizabeth II’s Jubilee: The Queen, with the help of her walking stick, lights up Windsor Gardens

Despite her mobility problems, Elizabeth II honored the British with her presence for her platinum jubilee. To close the first day celebrating her 70 years of reign, this Thursday, June 2, the 96-year-old queen appeared with a cane in hand in front of Windsor Castle to take part in a famous tradition.

The festivities continue and the Queen continues to honor them. After the famous Trooping the Colour military parade and an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth II lit up the evening of this Thursday, June 2. From Windsor Castle, Prince Charles’ mother lit up the Beacon Lighting, a tradition that honors the sovereign. With the help of a cane, she walked in front of the castle where she lives. Despite her mobility problems, the 96-year-old monarch remained true to her commitments and flashed a smile during the evening.


Strings of pearls around her neck placed on her turquoise dress and white gloves in hand, she made an elegant appearance, true to her colorful looks. Elizabeth II was invited to touch a small blue globe, representing the Commonwealth countries, to light a lantern carpet in front of her and a huge sculpture representing a 21 meter high tree at Buckingham Palace where her heir Prince William was. Throughout the five days celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s reign, nearly 3,000 candles, torches and other bonfires are expected to be lit throughout the country, but also in the member states of the Commonwealth from which Australia wishes to emancipate. “They are now a symbol of unity between cities, borders, countries and continents,” says the website of the Royal Family.


Elizabeth II reluctantly gives up a symbolic event of her jubilee

The first day of the platinum jubilee ended brightly and almost without surprises, for the queen who does not like to be described as “fragile” or “incapable”. Despite her beaming smile to greet the flypast, the royal palace announced in an official statement that Elizabeth II will not be able to attend any of the ceremonies planned in her honor this Friday, June 3. “The Queen is reluctantly withdrawing from the Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul’s tomorrow due to mobility problems.


[Buckingham Palace] announced: ‘The Queen has enjoyed today’s birthday parade and flypast very much, but has experienced some discomfort,'” the Daily Mail reported on its Twitter account. If Elizabeth II will therefore be the big absentee of this mass, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could well attend, as well as Kate Middleton and Prince William with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. For the occasion, the biggest bell in the country will ring.

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