Elizabeth II: What she said to Prince Louis’ cute question on the Buckingham balcony

On the first day of Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee festivities, the monarch appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace surrounded by her family. At her side was her great-grandson, Prince Louis, who made a very noticeable appearance before the crowd. The young boy also took the opportunity to ask the monarch a little question.

This Thursday, June 2, thousands of people had gathered in the streets of London for the first day of the festivities of the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II. The crowd was able to attend the traditional Trooping the Colour parade. The British sovereign then appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, surrounded by several members of her family. But the star of the day was Prince Louis, who attracted all the attention because of his behavior.


The son of Prince William and Kate Middleton amused the millions of followers when he waved at length to the crowd. The four-year-old boy then made a series of faces with the queen, who smiled at her great-grandson’s behavior. The 96-year-old monarch even chatted with the young Louis when the latter asked her a question that was too cute.
Moment of complicity between Prince Louis and Elizabeth II

As revealed by a lip-reading expert asked by the Mirror to decipher their conversation, Prince Louis asked Elizabeth II if “the Red Arrows were coming.” The Red Arrows are the acrobatic patrol of the Royal Air Force, famous for their characteristic red color. Following his question, the sovereign replied: “I hope so”. And a few minutes later, the planes finally appeared in the sky, before the little boy let out his joy. “Yes, yes, yes!” he shouted, before looking at his great-grandmother, who simply said: “That’s it”. A tender moment of complicity between two generations, which did not fail to move the fans.



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