Elizabeth II’s Jubilee: The Queen irresistible in a hilarious sketch with Paddington bear!

While the festivities of the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II are in full swing, the Queen made a touching gift to her subjects on Saturday, June 4: a video with Paddington Bear, a real national star.

As she celebrates her 70th year on the British throne, Elizabeth II has not lost her legendary sense of humor. In a video published on the YouTube account of the royal family on Saturday, June 4, Her Majesty took the stage for a tea time in due form with the most famous bear in the UK: Paddington. With porcelain dishes and a spring outfit, the Queen pulled out all the stops to welcome the character imagined by the British writer Michael Bond in 1958. A funny clip broadcast a few minutes before the start of the Platinum Party organized by the BBC at the foot of Buckingham Palace.

In this short sketch of a few minutes, Paddington, somewhat intimidated by the presence of the sovereign, addressed his prestigious hostess with all the necessary politeness, making the bear created in animation all the more endearing. “Perhaps you would like a jam sandwich? I always keep some in case of emergency,” said the latter before taking out of his faithful red headgear said delicacy. “So would I,” Elizabeth II retorted, digging into her trusty black leather purse. A butler then interrupted them to tell them that the crowd was waiting in front of the palace gates: “The party is about to start your Majesty”. A pleasant moment that Paddington concluded with a sentence full of gratitude: “Happy jubilee mother and thank you for everything.”


Elizabeth II: her memorable opening of the Olympics

The Queen of England has repeatedly shown her acting skills. Long before her platinum jubilee, the mother of Prince Charles had slipped into the skin of a James Bond Girl alongside Daniel Craig at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. A performance that had earned her an honorary Bafta in 2013: “The Queen is the patron of many film advocacy organizations and more recently she was the star of the London Olympics playing the most memorable James Bond girl in history,” had said the president of the prestigious award.

Photo credits: YouTube screenshot



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