Prince Albert of Monaco, danger averted at Roc Agel, this gesture of trust towards Princess Charlene of Monaco

Prince Albert of Monaco is supposed to have let Charlene of Monaco move in with their twins at Roc Agel. This would be a great sign of trust. Last year, the first lady was presented as “a danger” for Gabriella and Jacques.

According to the editor of Voici, Marion Alombert, the ENT infection would not have been the only cause of the princess’s stay in South Africa.
“She was treated for an addiction to certain types of drugs, including sleeping pills,” the journalist confided in an interview with RTL.

And continued, “She has not been well at all for quite a long time”.
Charlene of Monaco, who is now at the top, would have been hospitalized after taking painkillers and sleeping pills that caused a crisis during which she had injured her lady companion. The ex-killer of the ponds would have presented a danger for his family.

Barely back, she was removed from the Rock, and sent to Switzerland to treat “an exhaustion, both emotional and physical.
“She had not slept well for several days and did not eat well at all,” said Prince Albert.
France Dimanche explained that in reality, Prince Albert may have chosen “to isolate his wife in order to protect his children until she gets better.
Charlene of Monaco would now be better! And with the improvement of her condition, the first lady of the Rock would be allowed to stay with her adorable twins at Roc Agel, the agricultural estate of the Grimaldi family. An element revealing that she would be out of danger.

Princess Charlene of Monaco, veto against Nicole Coste, her rival banned from a major event

Charlene of Monaco would have vetoed the presence of Nicole Coste, Prince Albert’s ex-companion at a Monaco event this summer. A war in perspective.

The magazine Gala mentioned in its latest edition the possibility that the mother of Alexander, the eldest son of Prince Albert, participate in the next edition of the Ball of the Red Cross, where she was invited last year.

Her presence was linked to the absence of Charlene of Monaco due to illness.
Charlene of Monaco was at the time treated for an ENT infection.
To spare the susceptibility of the first lady, his alleged rival would be removed.
She had moreover ignored him at the Monaco Grand Prix, whose photos she shared on her Instagram page.

And as France Dimanche magazine reports, the former flight attendant would think she is a princess.
“What is Albert’s ex looking for? The question haunts the Monegasques. They fear Charlene’s reaction, especially since their sovereign seems to act as if nothing had happened. From there to say that Nicole Coste thinks she is the princess, there is only one step, which is about to be crossed.

Prince Albert of Monaco would undoubtedly be torn, divided between the mothers of his children.

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