Elizabeth II’s Jubilee: Alicia Keys’ indiscretions on the Queen’s demands for her concert

Alicia Keys performed at the concert organized in honor of Elizabeth II a few days ago. In a video posted on her Instagram account this Wednesday, June 8, she revealed the backstage of her preparation for this event.

From June 2 to 5, 2022, the United Kingdom honored Elizabeth II and her 70 years of reign. For this, many festivities were organized during several days. Among them, the Trooping the Colour parade, the Epsom Derby, the Big Jubilee Lunch, but also a giant concert held in front of Buckingham Palace, during which the personalities were linked. On the occasion of this one, Alicia Keys performed on the stage and she revealed the behind-the-scenes of her preparation for this event in a video published on her Instagram account this Wednesday, June 8. “Every song was personally requested by the Queen,” she began by explaining before adding that her children told her it was a request she couldn’t refuse. “It’s against the law,” assured Egypt, her 11-year-old grandson. In this video, fans of the singer could discover the first rehearsals but also the fitting of costumes.


In her video, Alicia Keys makes a lot of confidences. Only a few hours before the big show, she assured that the “visuals that are usually unveiled on a screen will be projected on the facade of the palace. Afterwards, she clarified that she was eager to be there. “I can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like, just posted with these beautiful songs, this 80-piece orchestra, the music, now with this look with Moschino. It’s going to be crazy.” For this special concert, the singer was not the only one to perform on stage. Among the artists, there were also Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Queen + Adam Lambert, Diana Ross, Andrea Bocelli or Duran Duran. All sang in honor of Elizabeth II who was not physically present for the occasion. In a statement, Buckingham Palace explained that she had declined the invitation for “mobility problems”. However, part of the royal family had made the trip for this concert.


Elizabeth II: did she watch the concert in her honor?

For several months, the state of health of Elizabeth II worries a lot, especially because the sovereign has made a series of cancellations. If she could not attend all the events planned in his honor, the Queen of England has however watched the concert from her television set at Windsor Castle. An information confirmed by her relatives, to the media People. No doubt that Elizabeth II enjoyed the event as much as the singers who performed on the stage or the spectators present for this very special occasion.

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