Princess Charlene of Monaco, suddenly, she collapsed, the cause of her discomfort

Back on the Rock after a few months of absence, Princess Charlene of Monaco would have collapsed following a shock whose nature is specified by a people magazine.

“Suddenly, she collapsed,” announced the front page of the magazine Actu France, which does not refer to the illness of which the wife of Prince Albert was a victim last year in South Africa.

At the time, she was rushed to a local hospital, officially for a vagal discomfort. The magazine Voici had reported this episode.

If she was put in this state, it would be because of the picture published in Paris Match on which we discover the father of her children posing with
Nicole Coste, and their son, Alexandre.


It was on the occasion of the 18th birthday of the latter, celebrated in a restaurant in the south of France.

A few days earlier, the alleged rival of Charlene of Monaco was invited to a particularly lively evening, that of the Red Cross gala on July 16.

Actu France wonders if the ex-air hostess will be invited for the next gala?
The dispute between the two women would not be close to calming down!
In the absence of Charlene of Monaco because of illness, the ex of Prince Albert would have “given free rein to a stream of terrible meanings”.
His son would never have been accepted at the Palace, what the entourage of Charlene of Monaco has denied.


H.S.H Princess Caroline of Monaco “pitied” Charlene, revelation on her nightmare

In spite of their complicated relationship, Caroline of Monaco would be of all heart with the princess Charlene, who would still not have put down her ENT infection. Her treatment could actually last for many, many years.

The Monegasque first lady was back on the Rock, after an 8 months forced exile in South Africa. Because of an infection of the ENT sphere, the wife of Albert II of Monaco had indeed not been able to travel.

The mother of Jacques and Gabriella had indeed undergone various interventions, and has seen many times his condition improve before worsening.


“Her convalescence will be long,” Prince Albert of Monaco had warned.
And according to Frau Im Spiegel, this disease would be a nightmare in everyday life. The ex-killer of the pools would be spared by her relatives, especially Caroline of Monaco, who would avoid bothering her.

The testimony of a young woman suffering from the same disease was collected.
“Most people will never know the pain and suffering that can result from an extensive ENT infection. I actually spent two whole years in treatment, a condition that invaded the bone spaces in my face and ears,” she said. “I then spent another six years with tubes in my eardrums to prevent fluid from leaking into my ears. For the rest of my life, all it takes is one headache and I’m back in the hands of specialists.”
Her heart goes out to Charlene of Monaco.
“I have such empathy for this woman who is living this horror in the public eye,” she said.

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