Prince Charles and Camilla, dance fans: This show they want to host at Buckingham

The Sun revealed this Friday, June 10, that Prince Charles and Camilla have applied to host a popular dance show across the UK. The two members of the royal family could even dance on this occasion.

The Queen’s platinum jubilee year could be marked by another historic event. Prince Charles and Camilla, both dance fans, have made an extraordinary request to the BBC. The Sun revealed this Friday, June 10, that the two Royals would dream of hosting a show of their favorite show: Strictly Come Dancing. This British version of Dancing with the Stars allows celebrities to team up with dance professionals to perform in front of an audience and a jury. And like in France, the show is a hit. “The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are, like millions of other people, big fans of Strictly Come Dancing, as is the Queen,” a source told the British media The Sun.

To make this special edition, Prince Charles and Camilla are willing to bring the BBC cameras to Buckingham Palace. “So there is a real desire and energy to make this happen,” commented another source. Holding the show in the Buckingham Palace Ballroom would be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee this year.” But while the ballroom has hosted similar events before, the source notes, however, that “there is a lot of work to be done to get the project done.”

Prince Charles and Camilla: a dance for the show?

The Duke of Edinburgh and his girlfriend could do a historic dance in the show, we learn again. Especially since they have already been able to collect some advice from Rose Ayling-Ellis. Indeed, back in April, Camilla met the latest Strictly Come Dancing winner on the new EastEnders set. “We all voted for you, Rose. I don’t know how you did all those dances,” the Duchess of Cornwall raved. After talking about dancing, the two women talked about the queen’s interest in the show. The honored professional dancer asked if Elizabeth II had watched last year’s finale. “I think she did. She probably watched you,” Camilla replied. In any case, Her Majesty won’t miss Prince Charles and Camilla’s dance for anything in the world.

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