Price Albert of Monaco hyper protective of Princess Charlene – threatened by a neurological disease

If Princess Charlene of Monaco is spared and ultra-protected by the Palace, in particular by Prince Albert of Monaco, it would be for fear of an epileptic attack.

This is a manifestation of a cerebral hyperactivity resulting from a “hyperexcitation” of the nerve cells, the neurons of the cerebral cortex.

And the magazine Ici Paris, the first lady of the Rock would have suffered an epileptic seizure after undergoing a bone transplant last year in South Africa. At the time, she was hospitalized.

This pathology, chronic or not, which affects some 600,000 people in France alone.

In the case of Princess Charlene of Monaco, “the epilepsy, which apparently does not recur, requires a lot of care”.

This would be the reason why her public appearances would be made in small doses.

The mother of Jacques and Gabriella, even if she shows herself relatively in form, as at the time of her passage to the Grand Prix, “would not be ready yet to take again its complete activities”.
“The family would have moreover deserted its private apartments in the palace for the farm of Roc Agel, true haven of peace nested in a forest of elms and pines in the back-country”, it is specified.

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