Princess Charlene of Monaco in isolation, her secret fight for her daughter Gabriella already under pressure

Absent because of Covid-19, Charlene of Monaco would have entrusted the mission of replacing her to her daughter Gabriella, who must represent her with dignity. The first lady would have prepared the ground for her.

“It is not surprising that Gabriella brings a more feminine touch to her public outings,” recalls Bunte magazine, referring to her outing with her illustrious father, Prince Albert, to an event in support of the “Swim for Safety” program, aimed at saving schoolchildren in Sri Lanka from drowning.

Barely seven years old, the little girl would already be responsible for representing her mother at official events.

Charlene of Monaco would do everything to ensure that her daughter does not suffer the same pressure as she does. The ex-killer of the basins intends to preserve her “of the consequences undergone on her physical and psychic health”.

“Gabriella has a style that is his own and I like to encourage this individuality,” she said.

The magazine Public also confirmed this desire of Charlene of Monaco to protect her daughter, whom she wants to see develop her own personality.
“She will do everything to allow her to express her personality, whatever the royal commentators and other malicious tongues may think. If Charlène has not succeeded in emancipating herself from the Rock as much as she wanted, her daughter will do as she wishes and she will fight tooth and nail for it”.


Princess Charlene of Monaco – potato ban – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge inspired diet

Back on the Rock after being treated for moral and physical exhaustion in a specialized center in Switzerland, Charlene of Monaco would follow a special diet, without carbohydrates. It would be inspired by Kate Middleton and some other members of the British royal family.

Last May, the magazine Closer claimed that the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco had regained weight thanks to a diet developed by a great chef whose identity is not specified.

“She would work daily on her physical and mental condition with, among other things, yoga and swimming sessions,” added the publication, without delivering more details.

But according to the magazine You, she would follow a diet without carbohydrates, inspired by that of the Queen of England, which would have also inspired Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William.
She is said to follow many seemingly random rules as a member of the royal family, and one of the strangest rules is that she cannot eat potatoes.

In the case of Charlene of Monaco, this rather special diet has not been confirmed, but it has been confirmed for the Duchess of Cambridge.
Darren McGrady, who worked as a chef at Buckingham Palace from 1982 to 1993, told the Telegraph: “No potatoes, rice or pasta for dinner.
So these foods are never present at the dinner table for members of the royal family. And this rule would have been extended to other meals.


Prince Albert of Monaco “spares” Princess Charlene, these gestures to avoid embarrassing her

Still weakened by health problems, Charlene of Monaco by her husband, Prince Albert, especially during his public appearances. Their relationship would not be serene.

Judi James, a professional expert in body language, gave an interview to the British media The Express.

“Charlene and Albert’s body language shows huge fluctuations and moments of conflict,” and this would “tend to worry” about the nature of their relationship.

A certain distance to be deplored. No affectionate gestures exchanged.
“But Charlene clearly wanted to embrace her children and reaffirm these ties after their long separation,” says this specialist.
She also says that Prince Albert of Monaco would refuse to rush his wife, adopting a “step by step” approach, the time it takes for her to get back on track.
The magazine Ici Paris also returns to the exit of the princely couple on the occasion of the Grand Prix of Monaco. It would have changed everything.

“For several weeks, the princess has displayed a femininity that we did not know. Already, in early May, she had made a lot of ink flow by appearing perched on Louboutin heels in a split pant (loose pants) with a wide slit rising above the knee. The outfit, daring, did not hide anything, on the contrary, of her beautiful legs, “it says.

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