Prince Albert of Monaco – a bone graft, Princess Charlene spared after great sufferingAlbert de Monaco

ménagerait sa tendre épouse, la prince Charlène, qui a souffert le martyre à cause d’une greffe osseuse, et plus récemment à cause du Covid.

Même si la maman de Jacques et Gabriella va relativement mieux, son état demeure très fragile, raison pour laquelle elle est ménagée par son époux, comme le rappelle Ici Paris.

Albert of Monaco would spare his beloved wife, Prince Charlene, who suffered a lot because of a bone graft, and more recently because of Covid.

Even if the mother of Jacques and Gabriella is relatively better, her condition remains very fragile, which is why she is spared by her husband.

“After months of hospitalization and several operations, including a bone graft, to control a serious sinus infection that has spread to the entire ENT sphere. And despite all the precautions taken, Charlene contracted Covid last week,” reported source.

And his placement in isolation was decided in the wake. A test confirmed her symptoms.

Albert of Monaco took advantage of an interview with the JDD, where he presented his latest book Man and the Ocean, a manifesto for the preservation of the oceans (Flammarion editions), to recall the suffering of his princess.

“A trial for my wife especially, who suffered a lot and lived difficult moments, far from her family. An ordeal also for our children and for myself … “, he said, who insisted on the fact that he missed the mother of his adorable twins.

“Today, Charlene is back among us and this is the most beautiful thing that could happen,” he added.” Charlene is better, we can finally spend time together. It’s a relief and a joy for all of us!”.


H.S.H Princess Caroline of Monaco too present for Gabriella – Princess Charlene warns

In an interview to Monaco Matin, Charlene of Monaco would have addressed a subliminal message to the princess Caroline, her sister-in-law. She would reproach her for having taken certain initiatives concerning the education of Jacques and Gabriella.

In her absence due to illness, the eldest of the Grimaldis “requested an appointment with the director of their former school to discuss their socialization … When she learned she went into a black anger,” said a source to the magazine “Voici.

“Caroline has always loved children very much, but there she clearly ware her role,” added a source. She would bet everything on the twins. “It is the future of the principality”.


This pressure on the twins, Gabriella and Jacques, Charlene of Monaco would not stand it.

This would be the reason why she spoke out to defend the individuality of Gabriella, in order to “preserve her from the consequences suffered on her physical and psychological health,” said this time the magazine Public.

“Gabriella has a style of her own and I like to encourage this individuality”, the former champion slipped during her interview.
“The underlying message is clear: she wants her daughter to be able to develop her own personality and she will do everything to ensure that she can express it, regardless of what the royal commentators and other bad tongues think,” the publication said.

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