Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco: This kiss in public that surprises

On a trip to Norway with their twins, Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene were very close to each other until they exchanged a kiss as unexpected as unusual.

A kiss that will silence the rumors of separation. Present at the opening of an exhibition dedicated to the great-great-grandfather of the prince in Oslo, Norway, Wednesday, June 22, Albert II and Charlene were very close to each other, yet they are not stingy with gestures of affection in public. Accompanied by their twins, the royal couple seemed to have a good time as evidenced by their kiss exchanged under the eye of photographers, notes Royal Stories.


A kiss as unexpected as unusual. And for good reason, with the divorce rumors that have been making the front page of the tabloids for months, this moment of complicity calls out. Especially since this mark of affection is rare among the members of the royal family. It is already exceptional that during royal and princely weddings, the happy couple kiss on the mouth, preferring a kiss on the cheek. So when Charlene of Monaco embraces her husband to place a kiss on his lips, the reactions are there!


Princess Charlene of Monaco on a trip abroad

After complicated months punctuated by his isolation in Africa because of an ENT infection, by his stay in a rest center and by the rumors of divorce, calm seems to return to the couple. Accustomed to respecting his commitments alone for some time now, Albert II could count on Charlene’s presence for his trip to Norway to discover the exhibition dedicated to his great-great-grandfather, Prince Albert I, explorer and oceanographer.


Since her return to the Rock after the end of her convalescence, Charlene is slowly getting back into the swing of things, notably with her participation in the Monaco Grand Prix. This is the first trip abroad for Charlene of Monaco with her family. If we are to believe by the photographs, the atmosphere seemed to be at the appointment during this trip. Even the twins had fun making faces. For the rest of the week, the royal family is expected in the archipelago of Svalbard, 450 km from Greenland. The opportunity for the small family to meet and renew ties after months of separation.

Photo credits: Gulliksrud Marius/Stella Pictures/ABACA



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