Princess Charlene of Monaco in Norway: Her daughter Gabriella is still noticed!

In Oslo, Wednesday, June 22, the Monegasque royal family to visit the king and queen of Norway. Only, in the afternoon, they visited the exhibition “Sailing the Sea of Science”. An official exit during which the young Gabriella was made (again) noticed…


This June 22, the royal family of Monaco was in official trip in Norway. And more precisely in Oslo, the capital. During this visit to King Harald V and Queen Sonja, Albert and Charlene of Monaco were closer than ever. Only, they were not really alone because they were accompanied by their twins, Jacques and Gabriella. At the opening of the exhibition “Sailing the Sea of Science”, with Prince Haakon of Norway, the little girl of the princely couple was again at the heart of the attention.


In front of the photographers present – who were covering this umpteenth meeting between the two royal families – Gabriella of Monaco showed herself in a rather disinterested light. Indeed, the young girl showed a face to say the least annoyed. However, when she was no longer on the red carpet, the latter exchanged many faces with her twin brother. Tongue pulling or ears voluntarily plugged … She has undoubtedly had fun during this day spent alongside her brother …


Princess Charlene of Monaco reframes her daughter in the middle of the ceremony

On June 16th, Charlene of Monaco made her comeback on the Rock during the Corpus Domini – a feast symbolically celebrated sixty days after the Easter festivities -. But this celebration was obviously not to the taste of Princess Gabriella. From the balcony of the princely palace, the latter showed a pout to say the least. A behavior that had deeply displeased or even annoyed Charlene of Monaco who was not asked to reframe her young daughter. For cause, on the photos captured during this event, we could see her whispering some instructions in the ear of Gabriella. A small call to order which was heard…

Jubilee of Elizabeth II: With his adorable dance, Prince Louis conquered the hearts of Internet users

Prince Louis has once again made the news this Sunday, June 5, during the parade of the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. In the front row with his parents, his brother and sister, the 4-year-old prince did a little dance that delighted Internet users.

The youngest of Prince William and Kate Middleton has a hard time to keep in place. To the delight of Internet users, who have been enjoying his antics since the beginning of the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2. Louis, 4, stole the show once again after being seen dancing on his seat during the Jubilee parade, before taking his mother to task by making a farting noise. He was also seen trying to cover his mother’s mouth. On social media, fans of the Royal family had a field day: “Oh my gosh !!!! I can’t! Cute overload! Prince Louis is so adorable”, “Prince Louis steals the show once again”, “This child is a joy to watch (probably a headache for the parents!) but what a great little character he seems to be”.

During the parade, Louis was also spotted dancing enthusiastically, before stopping to eat a chocolate cookie. He then went to sit on Prince Charles’ lap. Mike Tindall, husband of Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Phillips, was also seen jokingly telling the child to behave.

Photo credits : Dana Press / Bestimage



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