Princess Charlene of Monaco serene – The key role of her mother Lynette called as backup

Charlene of Monaco seems to be back on her feet after having been close to the worst. She seems happier, partly thanks to her mother, Lynette Wittstock, who would be installed in the principality for a few weeks.

For eight months, Charlene of Monaco was forced into exile in South Africa.
Due to an infection of the ENT sphere, the wife of Albert of Monaco had indeed not been able to travel.


It must be said that she has undergone several delicate interventions, and has seen many times his condition improve before getting worse. Then, after having been hospitalized following a malaise, the ex-killer of the pools finally made her return to the Rock where she found her husband and her adorable twins, Gabriella and Jacques.

Charlene of Monaco is now at her best, and according to the German magazine Bunte, her serenity would perhaps be linked to her mother, Lynette Humberstone Wittstock (65 years).


The fact that the Princess of Monaco is now more positive and serene would be linked to the support of her family, especially her mother whom she is very close. It would soothe him daily, after a forced distance because of the health crisis, recalls the magazine.

Photos credits: Bestimage



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