Princess Charlene of Monaco, plastic surgery, bruise on the cheekbone

Princess Charlene of Monaco has granted an official visit to Oslo in Norway, with her husband, Prince Albert, and their twins. And this public appearance has been dissected by an expert in aesthetic medicine, which reports a cosmetic operation.

The mother of James and Gabriella would have marks on the face that would be consecutive to an intervention of aesthetic nature, believes to know Dr. Beatriz Estébanez, quoted by an Italian media.

“Thanks to his analysis, we could have a clearer idea of what happened to Charlene,” she announced at first.
The former swimming champion “has a bruise on the cheekbone that could be the result of a facelift,” explains this specialist.


“The new techniques of aesthetic medicine being less and less invasive, the results are also more natural and harmonious,” says this specialist.
On the photos released, these alleged marks are not visible. Perhaps it is a question of accentuated make-up.

At the beginning of the year, Pilar Eyre, a Spanish journalist assured that the Monegasque first lady would indeed have made an express visit to Dubai to undergo a cosmetic operation on the right side of the face.
However, the result would have been disappointing, recalling that the princess has never been photographed at the time without a mask.
And according to Neue Post, this journalist, who has received several awards, would maintain her version.

“Apparently, European plastic surgeons have fixed what their colleagues have ruined in South Africa and Dubai,” she would have dropped.


Charlene of Monaco convalescing in Oslo – Albert’s classy gesture to protect her

During her visit to Oslo for the inauguration of an exhibition dedicated to Prince Albert I, Charlene of Monaco was spared for a day, a confirmation that her ENT infection has not yet been cured.

On June 23, Prince Albert and his adorable twins, Gabriella and Jacques, paid a visit to the Norwegian Polar Institute in Longyearbyen, where they unveiled a bust of his great-great grandfather, Prince Albert I.

It is part of the commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the death of the explorer prince.
And on that day, the Princely Family had begun a commemorative trip aboard the Commander Charcot during a private cruise in the Svalbard archipelago.

Charlene of Monaco was absent from this trip, an absence much commented on social networks.


It is recalled in passing that the former killer of the pools is still recovering, probably why a break would have been granted.
No question of taking risks with her health.

During her stay in Norway, Charlene of Monaco seemed very involved while the German magazine Neue Post fed her detachment last year.

“Charlene has always had either an air of total detachment from what people think of her, or a mask of suffering that nothing could illuminate. She was always hard to pin down, indecipherable. She was not a trophy wife, as one often sees in Monaco. She was not a schemer either”, confided a source.

Photos credits: Bestimage



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