Prince Michael of Kent celebrates his 80th birthday at Wimbledon with Lady Gabriella Windsor

This July 4, 2022, Prince Michael of Kent celebrates his 80th birthday. The first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II was seen in the stands of the tennis club located at Wimbledon. Prince Michael was accompanied by his daughter, Lady Gabriella.

Exit between father and daughter for the 80 years of Prince Michael of Kent

Prince Michael of Kent, cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, made a rare public appearance this July 4, his birthday. His daughter, Lady Gabriella, 41, was also out. The two tennis fans attended one of the round of 16 matches of the Wimbledon championships that were played on Monday. The actor Sir Ian McKellen was sitting in the stands next to Lady Gabriella.

Prince Michael of Kent does not work for the Crown, but he does attend public events involving the Royal Family. He also provides patronage to certain associations, particularly in the military field. He is, however, a rather discreet member of the royal family, which the general public knows very little.

Wimbledon is a bit of a family affair. For 52 years, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, was the president of the tennis club that organizes the tournament (All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club), a position that was close to his heart since he inherited it from his mother, Princess Marina of Greece. Since 1969, the Duke of Kent has presented the trophy to the winners, as his mother had done before him. Last year, the Duke of Kent decided to retire from this position and presented the trophy for the last time to Novak Djokovic.

Prince Michael has long been in the shadow of his older brother, Prince Edward, who inherited the title of Duke of Kent from their father at a very young age, who died at the age of 39 in a plane crash in August 1942. Prince Michael was then only one year old! He has always known his brother as the Duke of Kent.


Prince Michael of Kent celebrates his birthday at Wimbledon

Prince Edward and Princess Alexandra of Kent, 86 and 85, work for the Crown, unlike their brother Michael. Although Michael does not work for the monarchy, he regularly attends the royal family’s major public events. Rumor has it that Prince Michael of Kent is about to announce his retirement from public life on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

Prince Michael of Kent was married in Vienna in 1978 to Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibnitz. His marriage to a Catholic and divorced had caused him to lose his place in the order of succession to the throne. The new Order of Succession to the Throne Act of 2013, which took effect in 2015, dropped the exclusion from the order for someone married to a Catholic. Prince Michael then re-entered the order of succession. He currently holds the 52nd position.

Michael and Mary Christine had two children, Lord Frederick and Lady Gabriella Windsor. Lady Gabriella Windsor accompanied her father to Wimbledon on his 80th birthday. Lady Gabriella was married in 2019 to Thomas Kingston.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent at Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022 (Photo: Splash News/Abacapress)


Prince Michael of Kent has been criticized several times, first in the 2000s because of his accommodation at Kensington Palace, and then for his various business activities, mainly because of his connections with oligarchs. Russian-speaking and Russophile, the prince is known for the business deals he has made in the country. Unofficial representative of the British royal family in Russia, recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of St. Petersburg, Prince Michael decided a few weeks ago to return his precious Russian distinction of the Order of Friendship, following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

The prince had strongly criticized Russia following the offensive in Ukraine, which had totally upset the cousin of Elizabeth II, he who has a real passion for this country. In 2021, the prince had been under fire after being framed by a comedian who pretended to be a businessman. Prince Michael told him that he was able to give him access to Vladimir Putin’s family in exchange for a fee. The recording of the controversial conversation had been posted online.

Photos credits: Splash News/Abacapress



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