Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco meet Jacques and Gabriella at the end of their introductory courses in aquatic and marine disciplines

Water will always be the common ground between Prince Albert II of Monaco and his wife. Charlene, as a former swimmer and Albert, as a descendant of the explorer and oceanographer Albert I, both have this passion for water, the sea and the oceans. It is their turn to initiate their children. Hereditary Prince James and Princess Gabriella have taken two initiation courses in this field in recent weeks.

Two summer courses on marine and aquatic themes for Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

To the great pleasure and pride of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene, their children have inherited their passion for water and the sea. When you are the Monegasque head of state, it is better to be interested in this theme because it is more than a passion, maritime issues are also becoming political, scientific and economic issues.

No need to recall the international record of the one who was known for a long time as Charlene Wittstock, before marrying Prince Albert II. As for him, there is no need to recall his important contribution to the awareness of the maritime world. Just a few days ago, he went to Lisbon to speak about the preservation of the seas, then to Bremen to defend the coral reefs, not to mention their family trip to Norway in the footsteps of their explorer grandfather.

Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella with friends during their blue school at the Monegasque Academy of the Sea (Photo: Eric Mathon / Palais princier)


After a water rescue course, the princely twins went to a summer camp on the marine theme

It seems that the children of the royal couple have the same passion. The Princely Palace informs us that Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella have successfully completed their blue school, i.e. an introductory course in diving and water rescue at the Monegasque Academy of the Sea. Water rescue and learning to swim are two of the causes supported by the Princess Charlene Foundation.

Jacques and Gabriella receive their medals at the end of their course organized by the Yacht Club Monaco (Photo: Eric Mathon / Prince’s Palace)


After completing their lifesaving and diving course, the 7 year old twins followed up with a second week-long course. This time, they participated in the Seadventures Summer Camp organized by the Yacht Club Monaco. This summer camp is a week-long course to discover sailing and to learn about the marine world.

Hereditary Prince Jacques in his Givenchy T-shirt proudly holds one of his medals (Photo: Eric Mathon / Princely Palace)


At the end of the week, Hereditary Prince James and Princess Gabriella received medals. The Princely Palace shared photos of the princely children and the princely couple together after the camp. Hereditary Prince James, wearing a Givenchy t-shirt, and Princess Gabriella, in a Daisy t-shirt, proudly present their medals.

Photos credits: Eric Mathon / Prince’s Palace



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