Princess Charlene of Monaco alone in Rome: This secret trip that intrigues

According to our information, Princess Charlene of Monaco would leave Tuesday, July 19 for a trip to the city of Rome. This trip of the wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco, far from being official, was so far secret.

Barely back from the 73rd Red Cross Gala, Charlene of Monaco would already be on the move. The princess of the Rock would be about to go, during the day of July 19, not far from the principality and in the greatest secret. According to our information, she would make a trip to Rome, without Albert II and without her two children, the twins Gabriella and Jacques. It is whispered that Charlene of Monaco would meet the Pope, without the presence of official photographers.

The wife of Albert II had already met Pope Francis in his apartments in January 2016, during an official visit where she accompanied her husband. The outfit of Charlene of Monaco had then caused a sensation, because the princess had worn a white outfit, and not black as required by protocol. Enjoying the privilege of white, she is one of only eight women in the world who can wear white when received by the pope.

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene picked up their children at the end of their summer camp on the theme of sailing and awareness of the marine world (Photo: Eric Mathon / Prince’s Palace)


Princess Charlene of Monaco, a converted and convinced Catholic

Born into the Protestant faith in South Africa, Charlene of Monaco had converted to Catholicism in the spring of 2011, just two months before her wedding to Albert II of Monaco. She has since shown true devotion, visible to all at the June 2015 procession of the Penitents of the Venerable Archconfraternity of Mercy.

Charlene of Monaco had even met Pope Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. Albert II of Monaco had introduced his wife to the pontiff in January 2013. Two months later, the royal couple of Monaco cut short a stay in the Pacific area to attend the inaugural mass of Pope Francis. Charlene of Monaco’s Catholic fervor would have been notably reinforced after the premature birth of her children in December 2014.

Photo credits: Jean-François Ottonello / Nice Matin / Bestimage



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