Princess Charlene plays guide for tourists visiting the Palace of Monaco

Tourists visiting Monaco this week got a big surprise. The wife of the Monegasque head of state welcomed the visitors who passed by the Princely Palace and played the role of a guide. Princess Charlene presented the recently renovated Grand Apartments.

Princess Charlene of Monaco shows the rooms of the Princely Palace

Princess Charlene accepted to play the role of guide for some guests who came to admire the renovations of the Grand Apartments of the Princely Palace. The Renaissance frescoes that cover the walls have been under renovation for several years. It’s been more than 700 years since the Grimaldis took over the fort, now also called the Grimaldi Palace. Princess Charlene herself learned all the secrets of the place when she started dating Prince Albert more than a decade ago.

Princess Charlene of Monaco showed her guests a part of the palace (Photo: Eric Mathon / Princely Palace)


In addition to presenting the Grand Apartments to her group of guests, Princess Charlene also went to meet the holidaymakers visiting the magnificent salons of the Princely Palace. Very relaxed, Princess Charlene also accepted to take pictures with the tourists who were surprised to have been able to meet her and approach her with such simplicity.

The princess wore a Louis Vuitton ensemble to tour her home (Photo: Eric Mathon / Princely Palace)


Princess Charlene’s casual outfit by Louis Vuitton

Charlene’s absence from the last Rose Ball surprised the Monegasque population, even though she had resumed her official and public activities since the end of her long period of convalescence. The princess recently appeared alongside her husband during a trip to Norway, as well as on the red carpet of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, where she impressed with her large green dress by Lanvin.

The tourists were surprised to see Princess Charlene during their visit (Photo: Eric Mathon / Princely Palace)


Although the princess was walking quietly at home on Monday, the former swimmer was still very elegant. She wore a black and beige Louis Vuitton ensemble. Rather than wearing a jacket, Charlene chose to simply wear a short-sleeved vest, more appropriate in this very hot summer period.

The Grand Apartments of the Palace have been renovated (Photo: Eric Mathon / Princely Palace)

Photos credits: Eric Mathon / Princely Palace



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