Princess Charlene of Monaco: Sober and formal look for her meeting with Pope Francis

Princess Charlene of Monaco paid a discreet visit to Pope Francis in the morning of July 20. An interview that was not officially announced by the Rock, but during which she was accompanied by Albert II.

On the morning of July 20, 2022, Charlene and Albert II of Monaco paid a discreet visit to Pope Francis, who received them in his apartments in the Vatican Apostolic Palace. The trip had not been made official by the Rock and had almost remained secret until the arrival of the Prince and Princess of Monaco. Once announced alone, it is finally in couple that the princess came to see Pope Francis. Present on the spot, a photographer was able to immortalize the arrival of Charlene and Albert II of Monaco.

Prince Albert II of Monaco and his wife walk through the courtyard to the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican (Photo: Massimiliano Migliorato/Catholic Press Photo/IPA/ABACAPRESS.COM)


For this papal audience, Charlene of Monaco was dressed in a sober and formal black dress. Wearing a black mantilla, the princess wore an elegant pearl rosary with a gold cross around her neck. The choice of black is a protocol obligation for any woman being received by the Pope. However, it was dressed in white that Charlene of Monaco had met for the first time with Pope Francis on January 18, 2016.

The Monegasque monarchs and the Pontiff exchange photos (Photo: Vatican Media (EV)/ABACAPRESS.COM)


Why Princess Charlene of Monaco has the right to dress in white in front of the Pope?

Charlene of Monaco has the right to make an exception to this custom of black: she enjoys the privilege of white. The Princess of Monaco is one of only eight women in the world who are allowed to wear white when they are received by the Pope. This time she did not use it.

Born into the Protestant faith in South Africa, Charlene of Monaco had converted to Catholicism in the spring of 2011, two months before her marriage to Albert II of Monaco. She has since shown a true devotion. Charlene and Albert II of Monaco had met Pope Benedict XVI in January 2013. Two months later, the royal couple attended the inaugural mass of Pope Francis. Charlene of Monaco’s Catholic fervor would have been notably reinforced after the premature birth of her children in December 2014.

Photo credits: © Mega / KCS PRESSE



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