Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco embarrassed by Stéphane Plaza’s blunder at the Monte-Carlo Festival

In the columns of the Parisien, this Saturday, July 23, Stéphane Plaza revealed a funny anecdote. During an official dinner in Monaco, in the presence of Prince Albert, the famous host of M6 made a big blunder.

A monumental blunder … This Saturday, July 23, Stéphane Plaza and Karine Le Marchand have given an interview to the Parisien. The two famous M6 hosts, who have had a solid friendship for many years, confided in each other about their relationship and recalled several memories together. The host of Maison à vendre remembered a rather funny anecdote during a recent official dinner with Prince Albert of Monaco. What to raise the mockery of his colleague of Love is in the meadow!


“The other night in Monaco, I did not wait for dessert, because it was too late,” said Stephane Plaza, noting that he was very tired that evening. “I was told: ‘You are at an official dinner, there are codes, Prince Albert is there, you must go to greet him …’ So I get up, I go to say good evening … and I was wrong!” admitted the real estate specialist. “He went to see another bald!” then retorted Karine Le Marchand. If he is known for his legendary clumsiness, we can say that this time, the 52-year-old host has done strong!

The tender confidences of Karine Le Marchand on her friend Stéphane Plaza
During this interview, the two stars of the PAF are not only illustrated by their iconic sense of humor. Those who were elected respectively “host” and “hostess” preferred by the French in a survey for the weekly TVMag also made tender confidences about each other. Karine Le Marchand has notably shared her concerns when her friend is not well. “I feel it when he is bad, I hate it,” she said with affection. “When I’m not well and I isolate myself … And she, she threatens me to have news after a few days without answers (laughs) […] She tells me: ‘I warn you, I land at your house’,” then replied Stephane Plaza.


The opportunity for Alya’s mother to reveal a little more about the presenter and actor. “Stephane is not only happy, he is not a happy fool, he has great depth and he has great moments of solitude, a troubled part. And me, I love him and I like to feel important in his eyes, so I will change his ideas!” she assured.

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