Princess Charlene of Monaco: boyish haircut, trendy coloring and fluorescent dress: she shines!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022, Charlene of Monaco very smiling went to bring a little good mood to the residents of the residence A Quiétüdine. Yellow summer dress and platinum hair color trend, she seems in great shape!

All smiles, it is a Charlene of Monaco visibly in great shape who went to visit the residents of A Quiétüdine, the hospital center of Princess Grace of Monaco for people over 60 years. For this charity action, the princess with a big heart seems perfectly at ease and in a joyful mood. Despite her protective mask, we can guess her wide smile and her yellow summer dress on her tanned skin completes this impression of good mood. A yellow dress crochet spirit very trendy this summer 2022 that she completes with a pearl necklace and matching earrings.

Princess Charlene of Monaco also signs her beauty look. Makeup good mine and a short haircut fashionable because it is a boyish cut. In terms of coloring, she opts for a cold blonde called polar on a base of dark hair. It is a very fashionable coloring this summer 2022 which has the advantage of going to the clear skins as more tanned.


One woman, many styles

Charlene of Monaco has tried just about every hairstyle. From long hair of her young life to all styles of short cut: short square, boyish cut, very short cut or even shaved. A real hair chameleon. She has also known all types of blond: golden blond, platinum blond, polar blond and everything suits her!

Photo credits : Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage



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