Princess Charlene of Monaco is back – revelation on her diet and fitness secrets

Back on her feet after a close call with an ENT infection, Charlene of Monaco has returned to her sports habits and her tailored diet, a German media outlet reported.

When she was faced with illness, including an ENT infection and an addiction to painkillers treated between South Africa and Switzerland, the fighting spirit of the princess was praised by her father, Michael Wittstock.
The latter, a former boxer, spoke out in an interview with the South African magazine You.

He assured that his illustrious daughter would come back stronger after this ordeal.

“My daughter used to swim 20 km a day. Knowing her abilities, her discipline, I have no doubt about her mental”, he had confided.
And he was right, confirmed the German media Kurier, which reveals her diet and how she managed to overcome her health problems.
The confidences delivered by Princess Charlene of Monaco herself were repeated.


“I try to eat a lot of fish and fresh fruits and vegetables,” the prince’s wife said in an interview. The vegetables and fruit are said to come from Rog Agel, the farming estate of the princely family of Monaco. “And I drink a lot of water – it’s important to stay hydrated.

But she’s not too rigid with herself. “A dessert now and then is not so bad,” said also the princess, who walks a lot, swims a lot, and occasionally frequents the weight room.
But she would have a preference for outdoor activities.

Photos credits: Bestimage



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