Princess Charlene of Monaco sneaks off on vacation to Corsica – The reason for her departure clarified

Discreet in recent weeks, following his visit to the Vatican with Prince Albert, Charlene of Monaco would be hidden in Corsica, where she would have his habits.

The sovereign prince of the Rock was immortalized aboard his yacht GabJac – the initials of his twins – in Corsica. The absence of the Monegasque first lady has fueled marital friction in the columns of Chi, which reveals photos of this family trip.

On the photos released, no trace of Charlene of Monaco, which according to Neue Post may be in Corsica, where she would go regularly.
The island of beauty would remind her of South Africa, the ancestral country of her adolescence. A friend would have put at her disposal.

The mama of Jacques and Gabriella had besides opened her heart on this subject during an interview granted to Point of View.


“I thought for a long time that there was no more beautiful country in the world than South Africa, but during my stays, I realized that Corsica had many points in common with the country where I grew up,” said Charlene of Monaco whose recent public appearances have been welcomed.

“The landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful, the nature wonderful,” she continued. I am also very sensitive to the soul of its inhabitants. The people here are warm, open and upright, which I appreciate.

Photos credits: Bestimage



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