Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco in “pain”: This tragedy which upsets them

This Thursday, August 18, a violent storm shook Corsica, causing the death of five victims. In a statement published by Monaco Tribune the day after the tragedy, Prince Albert II of Monaco expresses all his compassion.

Five people died, twelve were injured, forty-eight boats ran aground or sank and over 500 people were rescued. The toll of the storm that hit Corsica on Sunday, August 18 is heavy. The day after the tragedy, Prince Albert II of Monaco expressed his compassion for the victims and their families in a statement published in the Monaco Tribune.

“I would like to express our deepest sympathy for the dramatic consequences of the violent storms that hit Corsica. In this painful circumstance, I express my deepest condolences and my deepest sympathy to the families of the victims, to the injured and to all those affected by this tragedy,” wrote His Serene Highness in the letter addressed to Gilles Simeoni, President of the Corsican Executive Council.

In another communiqué spotted by Le Monde on Monday, August 22, the governmental body presents the need to analyze the situation after the management of the crisis. Meteo France announced the violent gusts that broke over the island only a few minutes before. The council plans to install “measurement buoys off the coast” to anticipate the violence of a future storm and avoid this surprise effect particularly dangerous at sea.

Prince Albert II and Charlene attached to Corsica

The princely couple of the Rock is very attached to the French island. After being hospitalized for several months in Switzerland, Charlene took refuge in Corsica. Under the scent of clementine trees, she regained her strength after the intense psychophysical fatigue that hit her on her return from South Africa. As for Prince Albert, he likes to anchor in Corsican waters. At the beginning of August, he was seen with the twins, Gabriella and Jacques, in his yacht off the coast.

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