The summer when… Daniel Ducruet cheated on Stéphanie of Monaco with a stripper

In the summer of 1996, the Monegasque Rock is at the heart of the scandal. Stephanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet are married for a year, against the advice of Prince Rainier III, and the divorce is not long to be pronounced. The cause of this hasty end: photos of the bodyguard and a stripper naked in a pool.

Small principality for big scandal. In 1996, Stephanie of Monaco celebrates her first and last wedding anniversary. Civilly united to Daniel Ducruet, the young princess of 31 years does not expect to pass under the cold shower of adultery. Or rather, to be drowned in a pool of scandal headlines with her husband as the ephemeral darling of the celebrity press. That summer, on the Rock, her bodyguard who became the father of her children, Louis (1992) and Pauline (1994), is known for being fickle. His reputation does not escape the paparazzi Stéphane de Lisiecki, specialist in adultery among VIPs. He plays with the couple to get the compromising photo. He takes 396 photos. To achieve this, he begins by observing a rapprochement between the former policeman and a certain Fily, whose real name is Muriel De Mol-Houtteman. The Belgian stripper does not leave him indifferent, but the first pictures proposed are not retained by Voici because not very eloquent. Stéphane de Lisiecki calls Yves Hoogewys, the boyfriend of the young woman, and proposes him the perfect plan to reach his ends.

That summer, Yves Hoogewys rents a villa with a swimming pool in Villefranche-sur-Mer, not far from Nice, for 70,000 francs (about 15,000 euros), according to Le Parisien. Fily invites Daniel Ducruet, on August 5, 1996. The latter goes there with his bodyguard, welcomed by a certain Isabelle. During the trial for invasion of privacy that will result from this case, the father of the family assures to have gone there “without any ulterior motive”. But the version of the man who accompanies him does not agree. “Birthday gift!”, would have launched him the husband of Stephanie of Monaco by discovering their host. Fily is still there and the connection with Daniel Ducruet is fast. “As soon as we arrived, another girl (Fily) fell into the arms of Daniel Ducruet. She kissed him, rubbed herself against him. As soon as I saw his behavior, I insisted that at least he come inside. But each time, Fily was more enterprising not to return, “said the bodyguard at the trial.



Daniel Ducruet assures to have been drugged

“She serves me a glass of rosé, then a second. From there, I have the assumption to have been drugged. Because I know what I am capable of sexually, and there … “, he defends himself, tell our confreres. The day before, he is photographed with his father-in-law Prince Rainier III at the Red Cross Ball. The next day’s photos by the pool are less worthy of his status and leave little room for doubt and imagination. Here again, he justifies himself by explaining that “strange sensations, which I still have trouble analyzing, took hold of me. I began to look at Fily in a different way”. Stéphane de Lisiecki succeeded in his coup: he has compromising photos, but Voici refuses them again. Daniel Ducruet had their publication banned in France by a summary judgment as soon as he discovered their existence. But the paparazzi is not at his first try. “Lisiecki sells them to an Italian newspaper for 800,000 francs (over 172,000 euros) and to a Spanish magazine for 300,000 francs. The fine team also granted the interview of Fily to Jean-Marc Morandini on TF1”, recalls Le Parisien.

On August 27, 1996, Stephanie of Monaco discovers the said photos in the press. Her husband receives a proposal to turn in a pornographic film and Rainier III orders him to leave the principality. The little sister of Albert II and Caroline then moved with her children in the private residence of the Grimaldis before the divorce was pronounced on October 4, 1996. The future candidate of The Celebrity Farm filed a complaint in 2000 against Lisiecki, Houtteman and Hoogewys for “invasion of privacy”. The first one gets a one year suspended prison sentence for invasion of privacy. As for the other two, they are sentenced to six months suspended for complicity.

Photo credits: MAX COLIN / BESTIMAGE



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