Princess Charlene of Monaco back on the Rock – This event planned with her twins

After hiding during the summer vacations, Charlene of Monaco should make her big return to the light this week. It would be for the return of her children, Jacques and Gabriella.

Last week, the ex-killer of the pools would have made fond-bond with Prince Albert and their children who spent two days in the Oise at the Parc Astérix.


The princely family would have stayed at the hotel 4 of the Park, Les Quais de Lutèce.
No trace of Princess Charlene of Monaco by their side, as she was not spotted with them in Corsica on board the princely yacht GabJac.

But according to our sources, it could be that Charlene of Monaco will make her big return to the light on the occasion of the return to school of her children from this week. It is scheduled for September 2.
An expected return.

At the beginning of the year, our source assured that Charlene of Monaco would have been hospitalized in Zurich following an addiction to drugs and sleeping pills.

While our source assured that the princess was treated “for a deep state of general fatigue” in a specialized institution, Prince Albert of Monaco preferred to put out the fire by talking about a “rest cure”: “She already knew that the best thing to do was to go and rest and to follow a real medically supervised treatment. She realized herself that she needed help. You can’t force someone to understand that they need treatment, they have to accept it themselves.

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