Princess Charlene of Monaco: When her daughter Gabriella cuts her brother’s hair … it is not a success 

Princess Charlene of Monaco revealed on her Instagram account that her daughter Gabriella found an amazing activity for her and her brother just before the start of the school year.

After a long period of convalescence, Charlene of Monaco has been back on the Rock for several months and seems to be shaken up and determined to make up for lost time. Therefore, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella multiplies the charity visits, sometimes even without her husband, Prince Albert. But the former swimmer also favors family time. She likes to share some of them on her Instagram account.

In July, she posted photos of Jacques and Gabriella who had just received their diploma “Seadventures Summer Camp” after their week of sailing discovery course in Monaco. And, this Friday, September 2, these are two new pictures that have come to fill the account of the Princess. Above, we see the couple’s children with an altered hairstyle. As Charlene reveals in caption: “Gabriella gave herself and her brother a haircut!!! Looking forward to school on monday…” or, in French: “Gabriella has given herself and her brother a new haircut! Looking forward to school on monday… “


Internet users amused

The publication amused a lot the Internet users because it collected nearly 26.000 “likes” in hardly eleven hours. And they also had a great time in the comments section since there are more than 1,300, including, translated into French: “My sister and I did the same thing, immortalized forever on a school photo!”, “Again? I think she’s trying to show us who the real trendsetter in the family is! They’re beautiful,” “Oh my goodness, it’s going to be funny when he goes to school with that new haircut,” or, “It’s not so bad! It’s one of the childhood memories we all have!”


The children go back to school on Monday, September 5 and will have a new haircut to show their classmates. As for Charlene and Albert, they will resume their princely agenda after a summer that saw them receive the world’s elite at the traditional Bal de la Rose and then the gala of the Monegasque Red Cross. They also went to the Vatican. A busy schedule, but which did not seem to bother Charlene, increasingly comfortable with these events.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Bestimage



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